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Veil used to cover Mom’s ashes

Our veils have been used for so many different purposes but this one was a first… Our sweet friend asked for a veil to wrap her Mom’s ashes in. It was the most honoring experience to see what the Father had in store for such a unique request. I’ve attached her note and a  picture that showcases the end result! <3 

Dear Larisa and Meghan,
I know that my request for a veil to cover my Mom’s ashes in for burial is probably the first time you have been asked for something like that. Thank you so much it was beautiful.
I told you that Mom’s favorite color was yellow and whatever else Father had in mind. It was beautiful and I know that she would have loved it. As hard as it was to wrap it around her ashes, it felt as though Poppa was wrapping me in comfort even if the tears were flowing. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do it. It fit perfectly, covered the box the ashes were in and looked beautiful next to her picture.
At the service I shared about the veil, the scripture references and what the colors meant. I explained that this was not just an ordinary scarf, but one that had been prayed over and anointed. I shared some of what was in the word that came with it. I also shared some of the scriptures and word that came with Forever Bloom. (Thank you Meghan for gifting me the Forever Bloom picture.) I wanted the attendees to know that not only was this a beautiful covering but also its Biblical significance. I also let them know the Hebrew lettering that graced the top of it translated to Proverbs 31. The colors were perfect and matched the yellow roses that each of us four children held. It was a lovely service and I’m sure Mom would have approved.
The Word that came with it is something I desperately needed to hear. My walk has been sorely lacking in spending time with Him. I am guilty of the sin of omission and of being lukewarm. I allow myself to become so entrenched in the cares of the day that I rarely set aside time to pray, read the Word, and have fellowship with Him. My family life (not my marriage) is like a compound fracture. There is so much dissension, hatred, and un-forgiveness that it breaks my heart. I feel like I have prayed it to death and the more I pray the worse it gets. I know that Poppa is the author of reconciliation and restoration and but I also know He will not violate their free will. Eventually it will work out, He has promised. In the meantime all of this is affecting me physically.
The only time I feel that I am at the feet of Jesus is when I use my flags. Sometimes I go to the sanctuary at church and worship. I am allowed to go and spend as much time in there as I need to. My ceilings are low so I don’t use them at home.
So much of what is in the Word is right on target….”Resist the urge to become discouraged when the earthly realm shifts your focus…” “As much as possible, resist feeling pressured by the early realm. While the world, at times may seem overpowering, it is I your God that hold power over all. Victory is not waiting for you in some distant future, but is available now through my Spirit.” When you fell dried up and worthless, God will nourish you and give you strength. The last three paragraphs are exactly how I feel and the encouragement I needed to hear.
I am so grateful for your ministry, and your prayers. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to pray for me because I need it. Thank you so much for being obedient and listening to the Father and sending what He says to those of us the need to hear it.

Much love, C.


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