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Gift, Worship, & Hearing God

A beautiful video and testimony about an XL bendie flag called “Stay the Course.”

My name is Roxanne, and I have purchased three flags from Dyed4you so far. I heard this website from my Christian friend because I was invited to join our prophetic dancing ministry. Personally, I am not only blessed by the beautiful customised flags, but also blessed by the prophecy comes with the flags. I would say the prophecy I received is exactly what I need to hear in the season.

My first flags are wing flags, and actually I was really desired to have a silk scarf when I surf on the internet. Due to the limited budget, I could only purchase a prophetic paint and a pair of prophetic flags. But when I received my gift, I got a gift scarf! That was so sweet of the team and how amazing I feel God heard the voice in my heart. When I communicate with Meghan, she is so kind and patient, when I read the words from them, I am amazed it is accurate like they know me. But I know it’s an anointing from God. It has confirmation about my environment, revelation of my identity and encouragement from God. 

Later I purchased another pair of swing flag and one long flag. The thing I was struggling in the season, when I received the prophecy, I’m so touched because God knows. I used my flags to dance in our church, in our music concert. And I am not a nature dancer, but when I worship God by dancing in front of him, every time I just feel I get more courage, know myself more, blessed and surrounded by his love and refreshed by Holy Spirit. I should feel tired after-hours dancing, but I don’t, furthermore, I feel even more energized.

I want to sincerely appreciate Meghan and her amazing team. I am touched and blessed by the customized flags and prophecy, that always remind me to carry on and head to the glory lay ahead of me. May Papa continue bless you and speak to you. You have touched my heart so much; I believe you will use this ministry to touch so many people’s heart and deliver the message in a time they need. In Jesus name, I pray for anointing and blessing and protection over Meghan and her team, Amen.

She shared a stunning worship video as she dances to “run to the father” by Cody Carnes.

2 thoughts on “Gift, Worship, & Hearing God

  1. All I can say about her dance is I have chills. I’m a newbie to flag ministry. This story spoke to my heart. The dance vibrated in my bones. I’m excited to see what our father will do to me and through me with this new found movement. No wonder I said I wanted to be a “rock star” as a child. He is revealing to me in my adult life what this child-like dream of a “rockstar” truly means.

    1. Amen, may God bless you and lead you to the beautiful dream he has given to you when you were young.

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