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Celebration of Life Dance

A beautiful story of a dance given at a celebration of life service featuring a variety of Dyed4you silks, including Revelation of the Hidden Things, I Stand in Awe (a mismatched pair consisting of Majesty of Heaven and Treasures of the Deep), The Beginning, Deep Worship, and Relentless Pursuit.

Meghan, I have a beautiful story to share. On Tuesday morning our dear congregant passed away, on Thursday I was requested to do a special flag dance to a song I had never heard, possibly with a group. The daughter said that when this song would come on she and her mom would talk about what they saw in their head with a flag dance. I spoke with the daughter on Thursday night of her vision. I started choreographing on Friday and called one dancer and asked her to ask two other specific girls (for a group of four). All three of them, and also myself, were very excited to honor the mom and her love of dance. I wanted this flag dance to be everything the mom and daughter envisioned. I choreographed on Friday, and taught the girls on Saturday night, the service was Sunday morning. Each of us had a solo moment that was perfect for our personalities, we incorporated the vision they had, and I was able to add what I, personally, felt about the song. It was perfect. The daughter said it was amazing, the dancers felt good doing it on such short notice, one girl is ready to do it again as a special dance for our dance team, and I feel satisfied in accomplishing my goal of bringing the mom’s heart for everyone at the service to see. All the flags are Dyed4You flags, three sets were my own and one belonged to the dancer herself. Two sets were spinners and two sets were bendies. I was very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to choreographing more flag dances.

The song is Lauren Daigle’s Your Wings

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