About Our Silks

A few pages you may find helpful if you want to learn more about Dyed4you prophetic, custom-dyed silks.

Biblical Context

  • Gives biblical context of using flags, prayer cloths, etc
  • Gives a brief overview of Meghan’s personal history

Spirit-led dyeing?

Color Meanings

  • Biblical and prophetic meanings for colors in dyeing


  • Things to expect from custom-dyed silk
  • How the dye responds on fabrics
  • Methods used for dyeing

Product Info

  • Fabrics and sizes available
  • Uses for our products
  • Packaging and general info


  • Images of previously dyed scarves
  • Names, sizes, and fabrics

Care Info

  • To give your scarf a long life, you’ll want to know the best way to care for it

Silk in Action

  • Pictures and video of customers with their Dyed4you silks in action
  • You can also see our demo videos