We know we use some terms here that can get confusing if you are new to flagging or to Dyed4you, so to try to simplify things, we’re working on a Glossary that will give definitions for everything from 5mm and 8mm silk to Bendies and Spinners to Fishtails and serged edges. 

If you have a suggestion for us to include, feel free to drop us an email on our contact page. Thank you!


5mm (silk) – a delicate, extra lightweight china silk. It is wonderful to wear or dance with, has a beautiful fluttery movement and a glorious sheen. When used in one of our flags, you’ll often find it denoted with an “L” for light.

8mm (silk) – a beautiful, lightweight china silk. We use it in most standard size scarves as well as many flags. When used in one of our flags, it usually isn’t denoted because it is the standard silk we use, but in the rare case it is, it’s done with an “H” for heavy because it is heavier than the 5mm.

Anointing oil – a consecrated oil we use to dedicate the silks for use. We purchase our anointing oils from the Scent of Heaven, a sister ministry who hand blend each vial of oil.

Banner flag – oversized, flags used on the end of a fishing pole (you need lots of space and high ceilings). There are two ways we create these depending on your preference (X). They are stored by removing the silk from the rod and either folding it or rolling it around the rod.

Bendie flags/wings – our light flexible rod flags and wings. These flags are stored in a bent position and come in an organza bag. The rod is thin with a thicker handle area and tip (to assist with grip and prevent poke-through), and it is encased in a ribboned area. We’ve tried to reduce our acronym usage because we realized we were confusing folks with them, but is you happen across one it would have either a BF (bendie flag) or BW (bendie wing) in it. So for example: RBFL would be our regular bendie flags in the 5mm (light) silk.

Capped rod – an acrylic rod with a domed tip used in our spinner line of flags. Find out more about How-to Make a Capped Rod

Crinkle Silk – comes in a standard (35×72”) or XL (45×90”) size. This is a fun shabby chic silk that is versatile and easy to use. No worries about wrinkling since the wrinkles are there intentionally! We offer these through our Dyed4you Readymade store. Find out more about crinkle silks and also How-to Keep a Crinkle Silk Crinkly

Dyed4you – Founded in 2006, this is our primary silk ministry. This arm of Dyed4you is supported by Larisa – to find out more about the difference between Dyed4you and Dyed4you Ministries visit our Dyed4you vs. Dyed4you Ministries post

Dyed4you Art – Founded in 2009 as an off-shoot of Dyed4you, Dyed4you Art is digitally prophetic artwork that often includes images of Dyed4you silk within the art. Find out more at Dyed4you Art.

Dyed4you Ministries – Our covering ministry for all things Dyed4you, founded in 2010, but richly expanded in 2016 when we began our daily Prophetic Nuggets through the Dyed4you Ministries blog (which you can subscribe to via email). In addition, since Meghan  came off sabbatical and began dyeing again, she creates prophetic silks through this arm of the ministry.  To find out more about the difference between Dyed4you and Dyed4you Ministries visit our Dyed4you vs. Dyed4you Ministries post

Dyed4you Readymade – Our Etsy store (supported by Meghan) where you can buy scarves, flags, gift sets, and more – much of it is already created and ready to ship. This is a great solution for last minute gifts.

Fishtail – a type of end on a long silk where a “V” shape is serged into the end to create more texture when the silk is in motion. Here is an example of a pair of large long bendies with a fishtail 

Flag – in the broad sense this word is used to describe worship tools in general or as a verb to describe this expressive worship (i.e. flagging), but in a Dyed4you sense, a “flag” typically means some type of rectangular worship tool, typically with some type of rod in it (although swing flags are an exception to that).

Flame edge – a specially serged edge made in the shape of a flame. This are more challenging to create so we don’t make them often and they are more expensive when we do, but they are lovely in motion. See an example of an XL Long Bendie Flag

Infinity scarf – an 8mm china silk scarf connected on the ends to create a circle (which means you never end up with one end hanging longer than the other!). We offer these through our Dyed4you Readymade store, find them here

Oversized tallit – a beautiful, handcrafted prayer shawl offered through our Dyed4you Readymade store with handmade tzitzits and handpainted Hebrew letting (a scripture that corresponds to your silk’s word). It is 44×72” and 8mm china silk (or our standard version is available through our Dyed4you site). The oversized tallit comes in an organza bag for storage. Find out more about tallits and why one might use one 

Quill flags/wings – very lightweight flexible rod flags and wings. The quill design is patented by our friends at Prophetic Worship Banners. These flags are stored in a bent position and come in an organza bag. The rod is very thin, and is encased in a narrow ribboned area. By default, quills come in the 5mm weight silk. We’ve offered a variety of sizes and weight silks over the years, so you’re likely to see a range of acronyms especially since for several years it was the primary “rod” flag we offered, which means if you’re looking at older posts the “Q” in the acronym that would tell you it’s a quill is often not included (sorry!). This is actually one of the reasons we’ve tried to stop using acronyms as much (e.g. MW or MWQ for our medium quill wing, or MWH or MWQH for the medium quill wing in the “heavier” 8mm silk). 

Rounds/Rounded – typically a quarter circle (technically more like a quarter oval) style worship tool or one that has a rounded edge or end (but not half circle, which would be a wing)

Scarf story – A testimony of how God spoke through someone’s silk. Back in the early days, we did mostly scarves – not flags – so originally the name “scarf story” was coined and has stuck (though sometimes we’ll call it a silk story too). Read Scarf Stories on our blog 

Serged edge – a heavily threaded edge used on some flags and wings. More info on edges 

Silk letter / Scarf letter – the word that comes with your silk that gives the download we got on it. It includes scripture, color meanings, what oil is was anointed with and more. They range in length from a half page to many pages. Find out more about our silk and art letters

Spin wings/Spinners – a type of flag/wing created to resist tangling by “spinning” around it’s pole allowing free range of movement (as opposed to having to work in figure eights to keep from tangling). This is a medium weight flag and they use a capped rod (which is what the ribbon encasing it “spins” around. These flags work well in corporate worship since in a crowded space you can always simply spin it above your head to keep from hitting anyone. 

Streamer – these light worship tools are wonderful in small spaces and create a neat visual feast as they “write” in the air when they’re in motion. We offer a 23″ fiberglass rod that our 3 or 4 yard (or custom length) streamer attaches to. 

Streamer veil – Similar to streamers, these also attach to our 23″ fiberglass rods, but with these they’re tied onto a ring we attach at the tip which also allows them to be untied and worn or danced with separately. 

Swing flags/wings – an unusual flag in the sense it has no rod, which makes it fabulous for traveling because it can be balled up and tossed in a bag. The swing flags and wings work by having weights sewn into a lead “corner” which “pulls” the silk open when it is in motion. These are a medium to fast speed flag. Though anyone can use them, we find that they take a bit more energy since they have to be in motion to look like a flag. They also require a bit more coordination since you can’t control the trajectory as easily as with a rod.

Tallit – A type of prayer shawl – Ladies Tallit – that includes handpainted Hebrew lettering (a scripture that corresponds to your silk’s word) and either tassels or beaded tzitzits. They are 22×72” and come in 8mm china silk (or an oversized version is available in our Dyed4you Readymade store). Find out more about tallits and why one might use one or find out more about our Ladies Tallit

Voi – otherwise known as a veiled poi, voi are a worship tool that has a swivel handle connected to a weight by a chain with a silk of some kind tied onto the weight. It creates a neat “drag” effect when in motion. These are more difficult to use and easier to hurt yourself or someone else with, which is why we moved them from our main product line to a special order item, but for those interested they are still available. To see one in motion (by someone more coordinated than me), visit this post 

Wing – a semicircle (half circle) type of worship tool. We offer these in a variety of types including spin sings, bendie wings, and swing wings.

Worship tool – any implement you can use in expressive worship (which is most of what we offer)