Spin Wings


  • 100% habotai silk
  • hand dyed
  • light or standard weight
  • serged edge


Our spin wings come in singles or pairs and are 100% Habotai Silk with a light weight and smooth touch. This fabric is what people often call “China silk.” They are approximately 35×55” (Regular) or 45×72″ (Large), 5mm or 8mm in weight, and have a serged edge. A color-coordinated grosgrain ribbon has been sewn on to create a ribbon-reinforced pocket for the acrylic “capped” rod (included) to slide in. Note: Measurements are done before hemming and dyeing, so actual sizes will be a bit smaller.

To use, gently hold the spinners’ “capped” rod near the bottom and wave and dance with it (being careful not to hit anyone!). For more information on how to use spinners and spin wings, please visit how-to use spin wings.

When creating our silks, we want to make you what God wants you to have – so we encourage you to resist asking for personal preferences (unless that’s what He’s prompted you to do). If He has highlighted a color or scripture, please include that in the personalization section. Otherwise, please leave it blank and we will create as He leads. If you’re interested, more information on how we create our silks is also available.

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Additional information


Regular, Large


5mm (light), 8mm (standard)


Single Wing, Pair of Wings


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