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Constancy Swing Flags (with blooper)

Constancy-blooperBecause I’m not afraid to laugh at myself I decided not to edit this video so you get to see a blooper of me smacking myself in the face (which incidentally didn’t hurt, it only startled me – it only hurts if you get yourself in the eye! First rule of swing flags, don’t hit yourself – or any one else – in the eye!!!). This is a pair of regular swing flags called Constancy and the music is live from IHOP-KC. Enjoy! Continue reading Constancy Swing Flags (with blooper)

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Small Wings (with blooper)

These are a special order size of small quill wings called The Voice. Unlike the current quill flags and wings, these have a serged edge instead of a hand-rolled, hand-sewn edge; however, since these are used in worship and not worn it doesn’t make a difference because when it’s in motion you can’t tell anyhow 🙂 Continue reading Small Wings (with blooper)

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Bold Passion Streamer Poi

This is another pair of the special order Streamer Poi. These come in pairs and in price they run about the same as a pair of voi weights and two 35×84 silks (a standard voi set). For those who like bloopers, I intentionally left it unedited so you can see me hit myself 3 times – you can see I don’t flinch at all because they didn’t hurt 🙂  Continue reading Bold Passion Streamer Poi

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Joyous Heart Quill Wings

This is a pair of the full-sized Dyed4you Quill Wings.  These silks are made from the 5mm china silk semicircles – they are big and make a big, beautiful visual impact!

This pair Nickol (our friend from Prophetic Worship Banners who constructs all the quills and has the copyright on the design) is using is called Joyous Heart – she was kind enough to share her bloopers too 😉 Continue reading Joyous Heart Quill Wings