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Powerful Encounter at a Retreat

A pair of regular handled bendie wings (5mm aka “light” weight silk) called Sapar (Declare, Proclaim).

This is a beautiful testimony about a pair of handled regular bendie wing (5mm aka “light” weight silk) called Sapar (Declare, Proclaim). The were originally bought as a gift for one recipient, who then felt led to gift them back to the gift giver (we seriously chuckle because nothing surprises us anymore with what Papa God does with the silks). She was deeply blessed by them and a couple weeks later brought them to a retreat where they ushered in a power encounter. She shares the story: Continue reading Powerful Encounter at a Retreat

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Let go and let HIM

A “Mustard Seed” called “Let go and let HIM”

Psalm 23:4 (TPT) Lord, even when your path takes me through the valley of deepest darkness, fear will never conquer me, for you already have! You remain close to me and lead me through it all the way. Your authority is my strength and my peace. The comfort of your love takes away my fear. I’ll never be lonely, for you are near.

Continue reading Let go and let HIM

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Peace Breakthrough

We’ve shared before that as devastating as it is when you have breakage in the natural, we believe it parallels breakthrough in the spiritual realm as well. Today I experienced a new thing – I had a silk tear when I was using it. Believe it or not, in the over ten years I’ve been doing this I believe it’s the first time it’s happened to me personally. And as bummed as I was that it happened, I got kind of a cool download from God on why.  Continue reading Peace Breakthrough

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Cross Pollination & Blooming

As you all know from my many posts, I love cross pollination between ministries! This silk story shared my friend Christina (from Wings of Mercy Arising) with the regular swing wings I gave her as well as me with the silk I got from her called Father’s Heart. What was fun about the ones I made her is that she unknowingly named them! On our Dyed4you Ministries FB page, we frequently post things in progress and let people share what God gives them and sometimes those things make it into the word. That was what happened with Full BloomContinue reading Cross Pollination & Blooming

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How-to Handle Rod Breakage

As we shared with quill breakage, what happens in the natural is representative of what happens in the spiritual realm. So if you have a bendie break or a cap come off your spinner rod, no worries it can be taken care of! But also know something is shifting in the heavenlies – so let’s pause to rejoice and come into agreement with that too 🙂  Continue reading How-to Handle Rod Breakage

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Being Seen by God

I SEE You!This is a beautiful story about a silk that a grandmother gifted to one of her granddaughters. The young lady who was the recipient has been in a dark place for a while, she’s only 12. She didn’t see a reason to live, didn’t feel loved or seen my anyone. She was being picked on at school and the list goes on… When she read the scriptures and poem in the letter is was EXACTLY what she’s going through right now.  Continue reading Being Seen by God

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Breakthrough in Worship (Scarfless Scarf Story)

20140328-034510.jpgIt always blesses me to hear of the times people are blessed simply by online contact with our ministry. Yes, we sell product, but more importantly our desire is to help people breakthrough in new levels of intimacy with the Lord whether that be in worship, prayer, etc. Though I know it happens, it grieves me to hear when the church is responsible for shutting people down. Continue reading Breakthrough in Worship (Scarfless Scarf Story)

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Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

You all may remember seeing AJ before with his swing flags (1st video, 2nd video), which also make a brief appearance in this video… but mostly this video is His pair of 35×84 voi called Prophetic Glory. He also takes the silk off and uses it as a wing as well as dancing with it – all beautiful! Continue reading Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

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Glory & Healing Anointing

This is a neat story about a pair of swing flags being used at a ladies retreat (video of flags will follow shortly).  There were also several scarves given as gifts at the retreat so we may hear more stories, but in the mean time this is a good one! Continue reading Glory & Healing Anointing

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FYI: Quill Breakthrough (aka How-To Get Quills Repaired)

Wanted to give you an FYI that with quills sometimes breakthrough happens. The good news is what we’ve learned is when breakthrough happens in the physical realm, it is often a manifestation of it having happened in the spiritual realm (I have a great scarf story I heard recently on a quill breakthrough I’m looking forward to sharing soon)!

Continue reading FYI: Quill Breakthrough (aka How-To Get Quills Repaired)

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Fear Not Flag Ministry

I’ve been in a state of righteous anger about how many believers are plagued with fear and anxiety.  I blogged on it a couple weeks ago at the same time the Father put it on my heart to birth Fear Not silk (the style of the swing flags used in this video). The silk is intended to carry a fear/anxiety breaker anointing. Continue reading Fear Not Flag Ministry

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Dyed4you Canopy

Some of you may remember about 15 months ago the Father had me get rid of my canopy. At the time He let me replace it with a beautiful Dyed4you Art River of Life display including the matching silk. Continue reading Dyed4you Canopy

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Wrecked by His Love

You’ve seen this beautiful pair of 45″ quill flags before when my sister demo’d them. Now you get to read the wonderful scarf story and see the recipient worship with them herself 🙂

She also shares this story on her blog if you want to visit there too! Continue reading Wrecked by His Love

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Blessing & Breakthrough at Church

You’ve seen the Unabashed Praise swing flags before, but I made some again when Father put it on my heart for this lady to have one when she ordered a single swing flag. And He totally blessed her through it 🙂 Continue reading Blessing & Breakthrough at Church

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Restoration Ministry

In this silk ministry I’m using a pair of Isaiah 54 swing flags. The focus of the intercession is to battle hopelessness, depression, and woundings from the enemy; bringing restoration, healing, hope, joy and to usher in the fulfillment of God’s promises (exactly the focus of the call Father confirmed through this style silk to another woman in the D4Y Community). Continue reading Restoration Ministry

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Confirming Words & Bringing Flag Breakthrough

These 35″ Petite quill flags named River of Heaven headed to Scotland where a previous D4Y Giveaway winner was completely blessed by their arrival.  I’ll let her share her story. I compiled this from a couple emails we exchanged 🙂 Continue reading Confirming Words & Bringing Flag Breakthrough

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Forgiveness Healing

I love this story – too often we hesitate to ask for forgiveness because it requires us to humble ourselves. And yet it’s exactly what the word exhorts us to do!  We need to be obedient to bring freedom and healing – this is a beautiful testimony of such a moment…

To set the story up a bit, the scarf’s name is Healing Flow and it was won by this recipient during one of our Blog Giveaways.  I love how even in a giveaway – God is moving.

I can share with you that the first healing was my own, it was a spiritual healing that was 14 years in the making. A forgiveness healing, me having to ask for forgiveness for a past transgression. Continue reading Forgiveness Healing

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Holy Ghost Party

Amanda E called me after leaving this holiday party that the Holy Spirit commandeered – I was SO blessed to hear this story and am thrilled she’s taken the time to write it down to share with you all (with the permission of those who were present of course!). God is AMAZING! Continue reading Holy Ghost Party