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How-to Make a Capped Rod

Since folks seem to be falling in love with our spinners just as much as we have, we wanted to share the love and tell you about how the rod is constructed. As a note if you end up using our design and being blessed by it and want to do something for us to say thank you, we LOVE getting flags from other people/ministries! No pressure, but just putting it out there 😉  Continue reading How-to Make a Capped Rod

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How-to Make Bendies

This post was originally about all sorts of dowels including our bendies, but we quickly realized no one thought getting flags without a rod in them was as cool or convenient as we did. 🙂

So we started simply including our bendies with all our bendie wings and flags, and using what we call “reinforced” bendies (which are another rod inserted in the hollow center of our bendies to reinforce them). We use the reinforced bendies on our larger heavier weight flags and wings (like our XL flag and large wing). Continue reading How-to Make Bendies

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How-To Make a D4Y Throw

I know many of you would love to have a Dyed4you Throw but simply can’t afford to get one. So for those of you who sew, I wanted to put together a quick how-to for the Fur and the Furry Mink Fleece throws.  This means you can just special order the silk charmeuse (which comes with a word) for one side and then you can sew it yourself! Continue reading How-To Make a D4Y Throw

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Healing Flow swing flags

You’ve seen a pair of swing flags like this before, this is the swing flag pattern of Healing Flow (which you’ve seen as a scarf for a prayer team, giveaway scarf, multi-use wing, and quills), but this time I was led to add a bit of white to it and they look amazing in motion! Continue reading Healing Flow swing flags

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How-to Make a Streamer Rod

Below is a how-to for creating a simple streamer rod.  If you prefer (or if you have trouble with the wooden ones breaking), you can buy fiberglass ones online (or on Amazon -it’s eligible for supersaver shipping).

We offer streamers in both the 3yd and 4yd size, but you can also special order another size if you need something specific. Please note, if you order a streamer from us, it will come with the ring already in the pocket seam at the top of the silk.

Continue reading How-to Make a Streamer Rod