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Breakthrough in Worship (Scarfless Scarf Story)

20140328-034510.jpgIt always blesses me to hear of the times people are blessed simply by online contact with our ministry. Yes, we sell product, but more importantly our desire is to help people breakthrough in new levels of intimacy with the Lord whether that be in worship, prayer, etc. Though I know it happens, it grieves me to hear when the church is responsible for shutting people down. Continue reading Breakthrough in Worship (Scarfless Scarf Story)

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Crown of Glory Swing Flags

CalebPolingThese are a beautiful pair of regular-sized swing flags called Crown of Glory. You’ve seen them before when Larisa made a demo video with them (see that here). Always love getting to see silks with their recipients! And praise God for a man worshiping with flags – can I get an amen? If I remember this young man was inspired by our friend Caleb – just shows how much impact we can have when we step out in obedience. Continue reading Crown of Glory Swing Flags

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AJ with L Quill Wings

AJ-LwingsYou all with enjoy these anointed videos someone nabbed with their phone of our friend AJ during worship!  He’s using a LW quill called Under His Wings and a LWH quill called Waves of Increase. If you haven’t gotten to enjoy any of AJ’s worship before here he is with swing flags and here he is with a variety of worship tools. Also you won’t want to miss his scarf story about breakthrough among the youth! Continue reading AJ with L Quill Wings

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Pastor Jim with Faithful banner flag

PastorJim_FaithfulThese videos are from a live worship service at Passion for Truth, Pastor Jim had been prompted by the Father to grab the rainbow banner flag – he actually shared a bit about his exchange with the Father for the congregation. Without knowing the name of the silk, Father was reminding him of His promises and how He is faithful to fulfill His word. Little did he know the name of the flag he was holding was Faithful 🙂 Continue reading Pastor Jim with Faithful banner flag

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Melek Kabowd on Shavuot

Shavuot-BeitTikkunA quick snippet during a Shavuot (Pentecost) service at our friend’s church, Beit Tikkun (House of Healing). You’ve seen my hubby with these special order pair of 8mm weight 45″ quill flags called Melek Kabowd (Hebrew for King of Glory) before. Loved this glimpse into the awesome 3D worship we were engaged in!

Continue reading Melek Kabowd on Shavuot

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Every Captive Free Swing Flags

Totra-EveryCaptiveFreeThis video compilation is from Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) last fall. You actually got to see a glimpse of these flags in action in the Sukkot Flag Class post. These are a pair of regular swing flags called Every Captive Free (which you’ve seen before as a streamer). This is actually the dad of our 2 yr old friend with the streamer 😉

Continue reading Every Captive Free Swing Flags

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Quills, Streamers, Swing Flags, & Voi… Oh My!

AJ-RighteousWarFareThis is a long but very deep time of worship with 4 different types of worship elements (XL quills, 4yd streamer, regular swing flags, and 35×84 voi). You’ve seen these styles (or ones like them) before in Mantle of Elijah, Righteous Warfare, Prophetic Glory and You are My Hallelujah. Continue reading Quills, Streamers, Swing Flags, & Voi… Oh My!

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Faithful in Cambodia

Faithful-Cambodia-AndreaOh how I love seeing Dyed4you silk on the missions field!!!  You’ve seen this pair of rainbow swing flags before (see the post here), they’re called Faithful. You will also see a BUNCH of synthetic swing flags Andrea (whose flag ministry I’ve mentioned before) made to bring along with her on this trip (which I believe she intends to bless the people with). Continue reading Faithful in Cambodia

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Happy Man Dance

George-PassionFireWe got to hear this man’s testimony a little over a year ago along with a demo video of these Passion Fire swing flags (read the story and see the demo). Today we get to enjoy a quick video of him during a recent worship moment and oh what JOY to see!  The video is titled the Happy Man Dance – you will see why – LOL 🙂 Continue reading Happy Man Dance

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XLR Quills and 14×72 Stonewashed Silk

Joshua using a pair of XLR quill flags called Transformed (you’ve seen him with these before) during their church service while he’s wearing a 14×72 stonewashed silk called Hunger & Thirst.  You can also see his Holy Fire swing flags on the table in the foreground 😉 Continue reading XLR Quills and 14×72 Stonewashed Silk

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Sukkot Flag Class

For the last 2 years, I’ve gotten the privilege of doing a class on flags during our time at Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).  This year I managed to sneak a little video of folks using the flags after I’d demo’d them and talked about them and another friend got some pictures as well.  Thought you all would enjoy! Continue reading Sukkot Flag Class

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Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

You all may remember seeing AJ before with his swing flags (1st video, 2nd video), which also make a brief appearance in this video… but mostly this video is His pair of 35×84 voi called Prophetic Glory. He also takes the silk off and uses it as a wing as well as dancing with it – all beautiful! Continue reading Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

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So this is a fun special order quill product!  It’s actually thicker than a quill but because it’s flexible I refer to it as one, but I store it straight not bent like a quill. These are different not just in the weight of the “quill” but also in that they have a handle of sorts, which we call a manhandle 🙂 Continue reading Manhandles

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Youth Dance at Feast of Trumpets

This is a dance our youth put together for the Feast of Trumpets Conference this past weekend (you may remember I mentioned it). They did an AMAZING job and we were all SO proud – it was so powerful 🙂

They used a bunch of MR quills called The Blood and my hubby (the youth director) used his special order 8mm XL quills called Judgment. A great reminder the judgment of the Lord is perfect and brings freedom with the blood of the Lamb! Continue reading Youth Dance at Feast of Trumpets

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Staking Their City

This is a fun story about a prayer journey a group of kids went on equipped with a single M (35″ petite) quill for each of them!  We hear the story shared by one of the parents (and a quick not from her son) and the gift giver (and youth leader).  Lots of pictures to enjoy – you can feel the Father smiling at His children! Continue reading Staking Their City