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Quill from Dream Manifested

This is a beautiful story about a pair of 35″ (L) quills, a 30×30 silk and a bottle of Restoration oil from the Scent of Heaven.  What’s fun about this story is that when she ordered I didn’t know they all were for her – she also ordered another silk and oil as a gift, and so I thought BOTH silk/oil combos were gifts!  When I went to package the order to ship it and finally noticed that the quills were named Flourishing Hope and the 30×30 silk was named Hope I thought to myself, “I can’t send her two things with the name so similar!!!”  In the end, I sent what Father had told me to (of course) 😉 Continue reading Quill from Dream Manifested

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Silk Displays

It’s fun to see what people do with their silks – even when they aren’t in use! Seeing a 6×24 tied to a purse has become a common use, or around a stuffed animal, or 35×84s hanging on the wall, or even flags hanging on the wall – the ones you see below are swing flags with Hebrew lettering added.

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God’s Amazing Timing

All scarf stories are fun for me, but it never ceases to amaze me how He works through the Dyed4you Blog Giveaways. This was one of the first giveaways where He told me to find the winner among the previous comments – which makes it extra fun because anytime someone leaves a comment it means they could win at some random future point too! Continue reading God’s Amazing Timing

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Thriving Confirmation

Another wonderful testimony from a woman who ordered a 5mm semicircle with Hebrew for herself (in the picture) and another silk for her son.

Well Meghan, there are not words. I received my scarf and the scarf for Boston. Sooo special, thank you. Everything you wrote was right on my heart. And if you knew my son you would know he is a mouthpiece, a proclaimer! Wow! Continue reading Thriving Confirmation

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PFT Worship

Can I start by saying I love my church? This is a clip from a typical evening of worship on Shabbat (Sabbath) at Passion for Truth Fellowship (which streams live every Saturday at 5pm CST).

We are so blessed to have a group of people who truly love to press in during worship – so in this clip you will see men, women and children dancing, using flags, and moving as one with the billow. Continue reading PFT Worship

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Friend(s) of God

One of my dear friends, Sheila (who happens to be a prophetic intercessor and one of the future contributors to this blog), came to me and said, “I think Kent needs a scarf.”

Kent Henry has been doing worship for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  He’s led worship on six of Integrity Music’s Hosanna! recordings as well as 22 of his own.  He and his wife Carla are friends of ours, elders at our church, and their daughter happens to be married to our lead pastor 🙂 Continue reading Friend(s) of God

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Custom Beaded Bridal Veil

It’s rare for me to receive a request for something that is not dyed. So I was surprised and intrigued when I received a request for a custom beaded veil that would be white (like a bride) and have a second tier of silk to be able to bring over the face. It was needed for a dance. Continue reading Custom Beaded Bridal Veil