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His Child, His Love

What fun for me to get to a request from someone to do a quick turnaround gift for a faithful Dyed4you customer šŸ™‚ Immediately, I knew which scarf I was supposed to make — God had already been speaking to me about it — but I knew enough about this person that I knew it would likely bless her. Not wanting to prophesy out of my flesh, I argued with God a bit about it and finally did 3 blind questions with 3 intercessors to confirm if this was the scarf to create… all 3 rounds came out a YES!

But the story she shares shows me I didn’t know a fraction of why this was the word God wanted her to have… He never ceases to amaze me. His grace for us all and the love that He is constantly wanting to shower us with. Her beautiful story is below: Continue reading His Child, His Love

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Blood Flag

Lisa’s special order (45×90 8mm china silk) “Blood” flag confirmed a couple of visions the Lord had given her – she share’s the visions and the scarf story and I’ve included a video of the flag.


Since the very beginning of my walk with Jesus; He has impressed upon me the power and atoning work of His Blood shed for my sake. It is through His precious Blood that I am now forgiven, cleansed and able to enter His Presence. It is because of His Blood that I now belong to Him….. And it is with His Blood that I come against the enemy! Continue reading Blood Flag

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Below is a portion of a three-part story. The three scarves mentioned all have stories – Fresh Oil, Overcomer (this story), and Wind & Fire. The stories are told using a combination of feedback from Faye (the woman who ordered them), feedback from the intercessors they were for, and I (Meghan) have filled in some details as well. Continue reading Overcomer

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Resting in His Glory

When I made this scarf, I made it for someone else. I knew the Lord had told me to get it done in time to bring to church one Wednesday evening and so I hurriedly finished it up, whisking out the letter and getting it all set to gift to my friend named Rachel. Only it turned out she wasn’t at church. I thought I must have missed God. Continue reading Resting in His Glory

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My Beloved

A friend from church asked me to make a scarf for a woman who is a friend of ours at church. The only input she’d given was that she looked good in teal, burnt orange, and rust.

The day I went to make the scarf, I plopped down on my couch, picked up my Bible and asked the Lord what He wanted to say to this woman. Continue reading My Beloved