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God’s Amazing Timing

All scarf stories are fun for me, but it never ceases to amaze me how He works through the Dyed4you Blog Giveaways. This was one of the first giveaways where He told me to find the winner among the previous comments – which makes it extra fun because anytime someone leaves a comment it means they could win at some random future point too! Continue reading God’s Amazing Timing

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Birthing Silk Gift

One of the Dyed4you community felt led to get a surprise silk for someone else in the community – someone who had entered the Birthing contest back in January (she actually won one of the Birthing oils). When we spoke, we both agreed Kiara should have one of the Birthing {miracle baby} semicircles. Below is her story after she received it 🙂 Continue reading Birthing Silk Gift

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Honoring D4Y Mama

I was sitting with the Father one day and He said “it’s time to bless the mother of Dyed4you” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you may wanna watch the History of Dyed4you). I got excited because I love miss Donna and SO appreciate how the Father used her to birth this ministry! Continue reading Honoring D4Y Mama

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Promise Over a Husband

Scarf stories like this remind me why I love my job! I ask that as you read, you come into prayerful agreement with the word the Lord gave this woman about her husband. And for those who don’t know why this hits so close to home for me, you may want to read my marriage testimony too!

I ordered this scarf because I wanted something to go under my husband’s pillow. Something that would capture him. I really thought I would get a scarf that would kinda tell about who God had planned him to be. Like a proclamation. However I didn’t tell Meghan at all what I wanted this scarf for or why I was ordering it… nor did she ask me.
Continue reading Promise Over a Husband

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Wait Upon the Lord (Scarf Story x2)

During Amanda E’s visit this past October, I felt the Lord prompt me that He wanted me (Meghan) to get a word.  So I slipped one into the pre-dye planning with no instructions and left it for Amanda to birth. Continue reading Wait Upon the Lord (Scarf Story x2)

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Scarf & the Potty

This is a fun scarf story from a friend and loyal Dyed4you customer.  She’d bought a 6×24 scarf for her 3 year old daughter and a fun story was birthed. Here it is:

The first thing I noticed was the colors – she loves blue and green, and these were so vibrant – very her!

As she was playing with it, it ended up on the floor near her potty (not as a wipe – LOL – just in proximity!) and I was struck how the color matched her potty. I found it intriguingly odd that her scarf matched her potty. That’s when the Lord began speaking… Continue reading Scarf & the Potty

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Our 1st Blog Giveaway Scarf Testimony

Though I know the first two scarf giveaways were blessings, this is the first official scarf story from a Dyed4you Blog giveaway scarf, which I must confess is kind of exciting for me 🙂  It went to Amanda E who posted the 222 comment on the blog.

I’d picked the number 222 because 2’s have become a way God speaks to me about authority because of Isaiah 22:22, “And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David. He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.” Continue reading Our 1st Blog Giveaway Scarf Testimony

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Prophesying… to herself?

So a few weeks back I was celebrating a friend’s birthday with several other friends.  I knew I was going to be dyeing when I got home and as things began to draw to a close God told me to invite her to join me, which she did (if you understood where I lived in relation to her you’d understand that it was a big deal she said yes! LOL) Continue reading Prophesying… to herself?

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Resting in His Glory

When I made this scarf, I made it for someone else. I knew the Lord had told me to get it done in time to bring to church one Wednesday evening and so I hurriedly finished it up, whisking out the letter and getting it all set to gift to my friend named Rachel. Only it turned out she wasn’t at church. I thought I must have missed God. Continue reading Resting in His Glory

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Promise of New Life

A friend from work asked me if I could make one for a Christmas present for her sister.

Monday the 27th I lay a blank scarf on the table and put the sister before the Lord, and asked what He would want to say to her. I felt green stalks growing so strongly I ripped the lid off the green dye and instead of rinsing the lid so as not to get dye everywhere I just threw it down and began to let my arm “grow the green stems” on the scarf because I felt like I might burst if I didn’t. Lots of green growth – a feeling of plenty. Not neat and tidy and contained – a lot and fast and furious. Green representing life. Continue reading Promise of New Life