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Speak Life Silk

This medium scarf (14×72) was purchased as a gift for someone in ministry as a thank you for a word that had been a profound blessing. The minister happened to receive it on Feast of Tabernacles and she put it on the podium during the service at Miracle City Global. Here’s more of what she shared with the woman who sent her the gift (and there’s a brief video of her with it during the livestream from the service below):

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Extravagant Flags

This is a stunning video of a pair of special order bendie flags (5mm aka “light” weight silk) being used by a gentleman who has an amazing heart for the Lord on stage at Bethel Church in Redding CA. How awesome to share in this glorious moment! Continue reading Extravagant Flags

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Bethel TV Silk Sighting

Sam-with-MelekKabowd-2XLquillsIt’s always fun when I “happen” upon one of our silks! As I was watching some Bethel TV videos on YouTube this evening, I happened upon this one and at 2:22 (which is a significant number for me so that was totally a God-wink) one of our Dyed4you community guys appears with his Melek Kabowd (King of Glory) 2XLH quill flags (they were remakes of the ones I made for my hubby a while back)!  Continue reading Bethel TV Silk Sighting

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The Creator’s Essence

CreatorsEssenceSo excited to share this with you today!  For regulars in the Dyed4you Community, you know Dyed4you uses anointing oils created by our sister ministry the Scent of Heaven.  Carol (the founder and heart and hands behind the ministry) has been a spiritual mom to me since the first year of Dyed4you. Continue reading The Creator’s Essence

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Dancing for Him with Veils/Scarves

For those of you who love the idea of dancing with silk but aren’t quite sure what to do with them, Dancing for Him Ministries just put out a new video tutorial that you will not want to miss!  Most of the silks in the video are about the size of our 35×84 silks (in case you decide you want to try it and aren’t sure what size to get). Continue reading Dancing for Him with Veils/Scarves

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IHOP Swing Flag Sighting

It’s always fun to see Dyed4you silk in action, and when one of the Dyed4you community has a scarf sighting it is EXTRA fun!

We had a comment come through yesterday on a scarf story from 2007 and in the comment she mentioned having seen Dyed4you swing flags being used in the Prayer Room at IHOP-KC at 5:30 am on the 18th. Immediately I was fairly certain I knew exactly which pair it was that she saw! Continue reading IHOP Swing Flag Sighting

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Word on Receiving

This is a video clip from the live streaming at my church, Passion for Truth. You’ll see a number of D4Y silks in this, most notably on Cheryl (my pastor’s wife) one of our worship leaders. In this clip (about 2:22 in), she shares a good word on receiving – I thought you’d be blessed by – I know I was! Continue reading Word on Receiving

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Doohan Sisters in Israel with Voi

This is such a fun story about the Doohan Sisters in Israel. The girls are prophetic dancers and have such a heart to minister. This past summer, the Lord gave them a clear vision of some semicircle voi to take to Israel with them and brought them to Dyed4you to have them created.  Continue reading Doohan Sisters in Israel with Voi

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Kim Clement’s Mantle

I confess this was a really fun scarf sighting for me 🙂  Someone purchased a 14×72 silk/wool scarf (mantle) for Kim Clement and had me send it as an anonymous gift.  It was mailed out January 17th and we prayed that it would reach him safely and be a blessing. Continue reading Kim Clement’s Mantle