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4 y-o Spontaneous Worship for Jesus

Prepare yourself for a LOT of cuteness here!  This is a pair of MW quills (medium wing quills) called Passion for His Glory – you may have seen my demo a few days ago.

Here we have several videos, the first is 4 year old Maddy singing a spontaneous worship song to Jesus, then Mom (Amanda) using her wings, and finally Maddy singing a song to me (Meghan)… let’s just say she is a BIG fan of Dyed4you! LOL 🙂 Continue reading 4 y-o Spontaneous Worship for Jesus

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Peace Against Warfare

This silk was an interesting one because as it was being birthed a song came forth too! So I recorded it and uploaded a video of it with the camera facing the silk. When we looked at the video, a face was apparent in the silk – it was especially funny because several people who DON’T normally see things in the silk saw it because it was so clear.
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Confirmation & a New Song

A cool pair of scarf stories 🙂

It has been quite the day!!!! I woke up to a phone call from my aunt who told me that my grandpa had passed away at 6:45am. I was just overwhelmed with sadness because we were planning on leaving the very next day to travel to see him in the hospital. I was feeling sad not just because he passed away but also because I had not seen him since my mother’s death in 1995. Unfortunately, after my mom’s passing, her whole side of the family basically shut my dad, brother and I out of their lives along with some other pretty horrible things. Continue reading Confirmation & a New Song