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Caleb & Worship

We were blessed enough to have Caleb Brundidge visit our church (with Cindy McGill) to do some outreach training and minister with us.

This series of videos includes Caleb sharing on worship followed by him ministering with some flags… they’re not Dyed4you flags, but he’s so gifted I couldn’t resist sharing!  But you will notice a “man scarf” I gave him tied to his belt loop in the back 🙂

I hope you’ll be as blessed as I was.  The music in the background is Caleb’s (DJ Caleb) from his album Meditation.

View 6×24 on Dyed4you

7 thoughts on “Caleb & Worship

  1. WOW! Loved to watch him dance with those flags! I wanted to join in!

  2. Excellent clips! I think he really motivated me to step out and use flags several years ago. He does great music and decrees too! I definately don’t get to see him enough. Thanks for putting these up.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you so much for posting these… The creative use of 2 and 4 flags at a time are very inspirational!

  4. wow! this guy is fantastic! thanks for sharing Meghan! 🙂

  5. oh and I did love the way the used his “man scarf”. cute! 😉

  6. wow this gave me goosebumps!!! it made me think of what Heaven will be like!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. […] scarf called Beauty from Ashes. Allen shared about being called to flag including the impact of a visit from Caleb Brundidge when he came to visit our outreach team (the outreach pastor later became the pastor of the church […]

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