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Holy Ghost Party

Amanda E called me after leaving this holiday party that the Holy Spirit commandeered – I was SO blessed to hear this story and am thrilled she’s taken the time to write it down to share with you all (with the permission of those who were present of course!). God is AMAZING!

Every year, my friend Tammy Smith has a women’s Christmas party. We eat some great food, play fun games, and have a gift exchange. Very fun & memorable times we’ve had, but nothing like this year! This year, it all started from the gift exchange game. But let me explain the gift that started it…the one the Lord told me to get 🙂

Just like last year, I prayed and asked the Lord what to buy for the gift exchange. It’s a $10 limit, but I knew I’d spend more than that. The Lord told me to frame and sow my print of “Walk of Faith“, buy the 11×60 scarf “Believe” in the art piece, and to also purchase an anointing oil. He told me to frame the scarf letter as well.

To confirm this was Him, and not my flesh, I asked Meghan a series of blind questions and all of them came back a resounding yes. So Meghan mailed the scarf & the oil “Faith” to me 🙂 The night of the party & exchange, I was packaging the gift and the Lord said “Get a journal and write on the first page and put it in the gift box”. So I went and bought a journal, and did as He said. It was all packaged up, and off to the party I went.

The party was going great! Twenty of us eating lots of food, laughing, and just having some great conversation. Then it was time for the gift exchange game. The way the gift exchange game works is everyone draws a number. The first person picks a gift under the tree and unwraps it. From that point on, each person can either pick a gift from under the tree or steal someone else’s gift. Well, my gift (just like last year) had a note on the front that says “DO NOT OPEN GIFT UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME.” Everyone always refers to my gift as “The God Gift.”

Well, as the gift game was going on, a woman named Jodie picked my gift. A young woman I hadn’t met until that night named Asha was very, very curious and excited about the gift. She kept asking “What’s in the God box? What’s the big deal? I want to know what’s in there! Lol!” and a few ladies said “Trust me. It’s a good gift. God always tells Amanda to get good gifts” (I say that to the glory of God, not myself).

So the game is winding down and the last number is called. It’s Asha’s! Her curiosity has gotten the better of her and she steals my gift from Jodie….we’ll get to Jodie’s story in just a few minutes 🙂

Because of previous “God Gifts” the Lord has had me bring, all the ladies knew there was likely a note or a letter and they started asking Asha “Read the letter!” LOL! Little did these ladies know about the journal letter AND the scarf letter, LOL! And again, no one except Tammy knew what the gift was.

So Asha, being slightly perplexed but very excited over all the excitement surrounding this gift starts opening the box. The first thing she comes to is the journal. Well the scarf is on top of the journal. Asha doesn’t even look at the scarf! She just places it beside her and starts reading the note in the journal. (Asha didn’t know about Dyed4you at this point).

Anyways, all the ladies started getting teary over the journal note. I could tell Asha was slightly puzzled, so I explained that there was more to the gift (the scarf, scarf letter, art piece). Then she starts unwrapping the framed scarf letter and the framed art print. She reads the scarf letter out loud to everyone and starts choking up. I think we all were! I told her the letter explained her scarf’s meaning, and that it was the scarf in the art piece. She looks at the art piece, and tries to read the meaning of “Walk of Faith” but is too choked up. I offered to read it out loud and did.

As I did, you could feel a shift in the atmosphere. Something was about to happen. So after I read the art piece description, Asha held the scarf and opened up the oil from The Scent of Heaven called “Faith“. Asha was teary eyed and started explaining her story of how she’s been told she can’t have children and feeling like her faith has been weak. (I’ll let Asha tell her story & testimony). Many of the women gasped in the room including myself because they all know my testimony. It was very clear now why the Lord picked this gift to be from ME to ASHA, and everyone in the room knew it too.

I looked at Asha and gave her my testimony of how I was told I’d never have children either, how my husband and I stood on the Word, God healed my body & did a creative miracle in me, and we now have a perfectly healthy 2 1/2 year old little girl. I went over and knelt in front of her, took her hand, and just started encouraging her in the Lord that she CAN and she WILL have children! I hugged her and started praying for her as did everyone else in the room. All of us were crying and just in awe of God’s love and how He orchestrated the whole gift game.

BUT…that was just the beginning of what was about to happen….

As I was praying for Asha, Tammy (the party hostess) felt led of the Lord to get her 22×72 “Warrior Princess” silk and the “Come Away” art piece and give it to Jodie (the woman who had my gift before Asha took it). As Tammy presented it to Jodie, Jodie cried and was very touched by the gift as was I and Tammy.

The thing is THIS SCARF is incredibly significant. It was the scarf that introduced me to Meghan and Dyed4you and actually for all of us here in Central Ohio. Tammy’s “Warrior Princess” silk was bought for her as a secret sister gift in January 2010. Her secret sister had accidentally stumbled upon and found Dyed4you, thought it was an amazing gift, and purchased it for Tammy as a secret sister gift.

Last winter when Tammy received it at church, she showed it to me immediately after opening it and we both were struck with the Spirit! I wrote down all of Dyed4you’s information, contacted Meghan for the first time, and the rest is history 🙂 I’ve been praying Tammy received a 100-fold return on sowing her very first Dyed4you scarf, and the scarf the started it all for me, Tammy, and all of us in Central Ohio 🙂

Jodie’s has been incredibly blessed by it as well! Well, then all of a sudden several women started saying “OH! I’ve got a scarf too! Look at mine! Look here!”. Incredible! Here’s the list of all the scarves that “popped up” in the room:

  • Tammy went and got her daughters 2 scarves: Jehovah Rohi and Sweet Dance
  • My friend Chrissy got in her purse and neatly folded in a protective bag was her scarf “Deeper Waters” that she received at the silent auction back in August.
  • Toni went to her purse and got her scarf “Under His Wing” that received as a secret sister gift from Tammy
  • Lisa pulled a bag out of her purse as well and pulled out her 35×84 “Whole In Him”
  • Jodie was wearing “Warrior Princess” that Tammy had just given her
  • Asha was wearing “Believe” that she had just received
  • I (Amanda) was wearing my Jehovah Rohi

WOW! I first was overcome with sheer awe at the fact ALL OF THESE WOMEN CARRY THEIR SCARVES WITH THEM! WOW! I then started crying realizing how incredibly blessed Meghan would be knowing that they did and how much they loved and cherished them. I secondly was in sheer amazement that there were all these scarves in the room and NO ONE had planned it! Amazing!

A few ladies started asking about Dyed4you and The Scent of Heaven. One woman named Tia was asking how they’re created, who prays over the oil and scarves because she is very particular about who/what she buys. I gave her some testimonies and assured her Carol and Meghan were truly anointed of God. LOL…little did she or any of us know, we were about to have a firsthand encounter with the anointing on these scarves and oil from a Living, Almighty God who created them!

As everyone is looking at the scarves, the Lord told me “Get your anointing oil, Paga (Intercession), and let Terri smell it”. Terri is a VERY anointed and powerful intercessor in the Lord. So I went to my purse and got my oil. I went to Terri and said “Terri I know you like anointing oils and I think you’ll like this oil. It’s called Intercession.”

As Terri smelled it, you could see the Spirit wash all over her and she fell back on the couch and started speaking in tongues! She sat back up and I put some of the oil in the palms of her hand so she could smell it. She started just worshiping & praising God and praying.

Her sister Toni (who is also an anointed intercessor) was near her and wanted to smell it too. Same thing pretty much happened to her! So I placed a drop in the palm of her hand too. Well then a few other ladies wanted a drop in their hand! I ended up anointing all 20 women in the room and as each one received the oil in their hand they started praying & praising the Lord. I could see the Spirit of God wash over them as they received the oil! It was incredible!

In less than 5 minutes, all 20 women were crying out to God, praying in the Spirit, and worshiping & praising Him…a Holy Ghost party completely and totally ERUPTED!!!!! The Presence of God was SO THICK you could hardly stand!

In the midst of this, the Lord said “anoint Tammy’s house! Anoint the doors and windows!”. So I did and prayed in the Spirit. As I’m pacing around all the women are praying & crying out. Some of them surround Tammy in the middle of the family room and start laying hands on her and praying over her.

One woman named Amy starts speaking prophetically over Tammy, and then Terri too! Tammy was already wearing her daughter Jehovah Rohi scarf around her neck, so I took my Jehovah Rohi scarf off and put it around Terri’s neck to symbolize unity between them (they are close friends and also leaders on the women’s India missions trip in March 2011).

As this is going on there are groups of women all over the room praying for each other, sitting overcome by the presence of God, and just praying by themselves. The Lord had me pray for 2 women while all this is going on and speak over them (I later found out the Lord confirmed many things through it, praise God!). When I laid hands on them, they fell out in the Spirit! Whoa! I was totally taken back because I’ve never laid hands on someone and that happen before (and I know it’s not me/my power. I know it’s ALL GOD!).

This all went on for about 2 hours or so. As it starts kind of winding down, I noticed an older woman standing to my right kept kind of staring at me. I looked over at her and smiled and she said “The presence of God is all over you. It’s so big and I can see it”. We chatted for a minute and she stopped and out of the blue says “I need a breakthrough.” So I anointed her forehead and hands and started to pray for her.

I motioned for Amy & Terri to come over and pray with me because I could sense something major was about to happen. I laid my hand on the woman’s head and she wobbled then started falling out in the Spirit. We all continued to pray over her and the Lord started delivering her and setting her free!!!! Hallelujah!!!! It was incredible to see the freedom she received from the Lord! She laid there for quite some time and had such complete peace washing over her.

After everything had wound down, we all were completely overcome and washed in His presence. It was a true encounter with our Daddy and He poured out His love lavishly and generously!

If you remember earlier in the story, a woman named Tia was asking lots of questions about the oils and scarves because she’s particular (and rightfully so!). As she was leaving, I jokingly asked her if she had any questions and she laughed and said “I think I’ve got my answer!”.

There’s many more details to this testimony that I wish I could write about but just don’t have enough room! LOL! I’m still overwhelmed in the presence of that night and pray that more of these erupt everywhere and in even bigger and stronger outpourings!

Meghan and Carol, if ever there was a doubt that you were chosen, called, marked, set apart, and anointed for the ministries the Lord has given to you, I hope this serves a reminder that YOU ARE! I love how the testimonies for Dyed4you and The Scent of Heaven are increasing not just in numbers, but in His power, authority, presence, love, and anointing!

All of us Central Ohio recipients have been incredibly blessed by you both this year! And what a year it’s been 🙂 I know personally it’s been the start of an incredibly life long friendship with both of you and I thank God every day for it! I love you both!!

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16 thoughts on “Holy Ghost Party

  1. I am crying as I read this beautiful testimony !!! In the video I see the glory of the Lord in the room it is like a cloud it is so beautiful. I feel the presence of god as i read this story and i a shaking under the presence of a Holy God. There is a breaking forth coming for the Dyed for you ministry and the Scent of Heaven Oil !!! God is amazing and thanks Amanda for sharing !!!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! This is so Daddy’s heart! His goodness overflowing through his daughters hands! I see scarf parties breaking out! The annointing on this is tangible thru the computer screen. Thank you Amanda for sharing it all with us. Bless you Meghan and Carol! He is just so good!

  3. As I read this story and watched the video, I FELT the Spirit of Lord move. I am reminded that “where 3 or more are gathered in His Name, THERE HE IS, in their MIDST”!! When Christian women learn to wait on the Lord, HEAR from Him and respond to His will, then HE moves freely without any restraints on what He wants to do in His people!! This woman WILL have children, because the word of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has said so. Every woman involved have been touched and changed by the Spirit of the Living God!! HE is holy, HE is all powerful, HE is mighty, He is LOVE!! Thank you so much for sharing this and for allowing our God to move. He is THE amazing and ONLY God!! Glory to HIM in the highest!!

  4. Thanks you Amanda for writing this all down in such detail so the rest of us can share in it too. It’s okay to be jealous in this situation isn’t it? How marvelous to be a part of such a divine appointment with each other and God. I have copied Amanda’s words at the end: “Meghan and Carol, if ever there was a doubt that you were chosen, called, marked, set apart, and anointed for the ministries the Lord has given to you, I hope this serves a reminder that YOU ARE! ” I agree!!!

  5. I’ll write more in a bit, but Donelda I’m known to be quite lengthy, lol! I’ve told Meghan that I’m the type of visual person that when I receive a picture or vision of something, I need to paint the entire thing for you. I’m like Bob Ross, lol, remember him? He told you step by step every move of the brush, every reason for his choice of brush or color, and how to paint what he was painting. I’m not a “paint by numbers” painter, lol. I don’t show you the numbers and colors and let you fill in the rest. Nope, I’m a Bob Ross painter, lol 🙂
    And I’m glad I was able to write it down for you all and it’s blessing you!!

  6. What an awesome experience!! I am with Donelda… I am a little jealous! lol. Meghan never doubt that these open heaven experiences are jewels in the Crown of Life you will receive when you see the Father. These women would not have had this without you being willing the give birth to the things that God wants done in this hour (that goes for Carol too and the others that work along side you praying and dyeing!)! God bless you !!!!

  7. Awesome… Awesome.

  8. WOW, this is so awesome. I love it!!!! God is so good!!! I could feel the Spirit as I was reading this!! Thank you for sharing Amanda.

  9. I was at that party, awsome time glorious encounter with the father.

  10. Awesome testimony! I also carry my scarf everywhere I go. I feel comforted when it is with me! To feel a mighty move of God like these women did is such an amazing encounter, it makes you want to be closer and closer to God. I love to see that so many were touched at one time! Would have loved to have been there! Now I am going to have to get some of the anointing oil!

  11. wow

  12. i’m so moved and inspired by this story and it makes me so happy that i’m not alone. by that, i mean with all the ill in this world and even inside of some of the church buildings, i wonder how many people are -this- free in Christ, to be open to His manifestations and blessings. i ache for all of the ‘isms’ in the Body of Christ to dissolve and become One in Him.

    Amanda, thank you for painting with words 🙂 i love to write and this is right up my ally, seeing the picture of the story through words.

    Meghan, i may have said this before… but i’m always blown away by the uniqueness of your ministry. even the pictures of the silks on either side of this comment window inspire me… i get revelation out of the saturated color.

    i heard “The Revelation Song” (Phillips, Craig and Dean version) this morning on my way in to work… and the line “Clothed in rainbows, of living color” poured into my spirit, and the Lord was sitting with me in my car, blessing me at the concept of flag worship. I feel so close to Him when I’m flagging, just as i do standing before the ocean, totally awestruck at His magnificence. Where people just see polyester, i see God. Perhaps i should refer to it as PolyEsther ;o)

    that line reminded me of where i’m going in Him in Spirit and in Truth and it reminded me of us, people like us.

    many, many blessings to you on this beautiful day… i pray that your Ohio visit has pleasant weather.

  13. My favorite scarf story!

  14. Wow!!! What an awesome testimony! Praise God!

  15. Awesome!!!

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