Silk in Haiti

This isn’t the first time Dyed4you silk has been in Haiti, nor will it be the last I bet, but it’s always fun for me to see!  A dear friend was on a long-term missions trip there and another friend got to visit her – this is them enjoying a special order sized 45″x144″ Daughter of the King silk as a billow. 

One verse they were agreeing with in this moment is from Isaiah 13:2

Raise a banner on a bare hilltop, shout to them; beckon to them to enter the gates of the nobles.

The short-term missionary shared:

Extraordinary experience, we moved a mountain, proclaimed the gates into Fretta for His glory, birthed a baby and prayed life into her mind, body and Spirit. Simply in awe of who He is and so very proud of my girl for springing right into action.

This is actually the exact silk that was used in the Dyed4you Art image His Children, which is so appropriate! I pray the word that goes with this word is released in the lives of these precious children 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Silk in Haiti

  1. Deena

    Oh my goodness . . . I just completely & utterly had an overwhelming feeling of chills, tears, joy & humility. Holy Spirit, You are alive & well . . . I am in awe of You. It was my honor to be a tool used as we boldly proclaimed Your life, Your will, Your promise.

  2. Nora Ammons

    I am even more in love with this silk after hearing the story of it! What an anointed piece of work and works being done with it!

  3. Donelda

    Love how God orchestrates things. He knew about the trip and the children before you even made the print of the children. So cool. Love confirmations like this.

  4. Stacie Rider

    This was so great! We litterally did move a mountain! The rain had caused a land slide blocking the road.. without this road cleared supplies and food can not be taken to these villiages without walking over an hour! Without the help of God and 8 men taking shifts (4 tools) a baby might not have lived! GOD is soooo good! Life was brought into a family and into the hearts of us there to witness God’s goodness! This banner represented so much more than we could have ever imagined!
    Love you Meghan!


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