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Encounter Inspires Art

One of the newer members of the Dyed4you Community had an awesome encounter after watching one of our “in action” videos – the Judgment Quills.  I love that people can be so powerfully moved by the silk without even touching it!  Father is amazing 🙂

And her sharing her encounter ended up birthing a new Dyed4you Art piece called At His Feet – based off her experience!

I’d like to share a power vision the Lord showed me tonight after watching the video of your church where the shofar blew. I took my cat outside to view the stars and moon and tried to mimic the gentleman flagging spiritual warfare; to my awe.

It came surprisingly easy and in my spiritual eyes it was revealed what power one can possess when holding anointed spiritual instruments and fighting with full body and freedom in the Spirit to win and take back ground for the Lord. I felt just like a real warrior with a sword in my hand moving my body like I have never before in worship.

There was so much freedom released with the imagining of using spiritual anointed tools of color. I just fell into it like I needed to take a quantum leap in my personal worship and this provided me the vehicle to do it. Wow! Thank you Father of the Universe and Beyond the Beyond.

Meghan, I prophesy right now, the Father is going to pave the way for me to testify to His Glory, to use many of your flags and quills to boldly go before my community, state, and other places to demonstrate just how great and how much our God loves us. Color and movement captures the eye and resembles God’s own nature.

I am just a lowly widow who can’t do too much. I can only do things in little ways. But now I can do something so powerful to really pump-up the talents He has given me…that is kindness, praying for people, intercession, and an ability to move in abandon in worship.

Thank you for blessing my life. Please do not think this is for a gift of any kind. I am so gifted by discovering a new heightened way to love on my Lord and do battle by meeting you. May your smiles continue to shine and your grace continue to unfold.

11 thoughts on “Encounter Inspires Art

  1. this is awesome!!! I love this testimony and I LOVE the new art. It is rare anymore that I am standing still in worship, however, when I am still, it is this position I am most often in. The only way I can describe how I feel in this poisition is that every cell of my body is pointed towards and has its fixed attention on Him, yearning, calling out, loving………

  2. That is a beautiful testimony! May Abba continue to draw her into Him as she wars in the spirit and worships the All Mighty. Blessings over her for many experiences revelation!!!

  3. The Lord has given her a gift of worship to him. He opened her up because of this experience. I love how she wrote and expressed her experience , I sense that the Lord will have her writing about her experiences, because it will draw others to that hunger of the Lord! I am loving the art work it does express the heart of worship!

  4. this testimony s helping me to see my self – how still i am blocked to be free in worship – this testimony ministers to me. thannk you for sharing

  5. I love this testimony !! God is awesome.

  6. What a beautiful testimony. We serve a truly awesome and amazing G-d!!

  7. what amazing revelation…thank you Father~!

  8. Abba, Abba, Abba,

    My cup is truly running over with love and adoration for You.

    Thank you for your long suffering love for us.

    May you break any shackles that prohibit any child of your’s from showing you love in freedom,

    By the power of the risen Lord Jesus, Amen

  9. OH, what a juicy testimony! I relate to this because in my mind, my feet and body are completely free to dance with total abandon. i LOVE that she took a quantum leap in her worship – i totally identify with that.

    there have been times where the angels are packed in and i can -feel- the full armour of God fitted to my person. the colors are released into the atmosphere in tandem with the worship music and the glory of our Sovereign King falls on the place, saturating the ground, setting people free.

    I adore how He moves in the praises of His people. How, when we LET Him out of the box, miracles abound in beautiful and peculiar ways. His mystery reveals itself in the most unlikely places and the hardened hearts are made soft and pliable with the full on mercy of His love.

    This ministry continues to bless me nearly every day. I love how He uses your hands to prepare other hands for battle and for Love.

    Blessings blessings blessings! Unusual and constant!

  10. I have been missing too many wonderful testimonies and artwork! How thrilling this is! I love how He takes these simple pieces of silk, infuses them with color and as we worship Him with them…He releases His presence, freedom and Himself in abundance!!! The simple “foolish” things end up being so far beyond our understanding!!! The more we come to him like His children wanting to enjoy being with Him and just enjoying Him….the more He moves!!!

  11. What a lovely testimony! How beautiful is our Beloved and how awesome are the paths on which He leads us. Thank you for sharing this story.

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