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Beyond Expectations Giveaway Gift

Here’s a story from our recent giveaway winner – who won not just a 5mm semicircle, but a Dyed4you Art Dance With Me printcard too for her comments on both the Dyed4you Blog and the Dyed4you Art one 🙂

She shares her story below:

Dear Meghan and Dyed4you et al.

Blessings to you, sweet and kind Meghan. I received my scarf today and rather than opening it directly, I waited 6 hours! That is a first. The anointing was so powerful that questions were answered for me which I had been in prayer over for a number of days. WOW, praise and glory to God forever! Thank you for ministering to me.

The scarf is beyond my expectations… it is so beautiful. There is a heart on the back which is so soothing and loving plus the blue border moves like the waves of the ocean. This is very comforting as I am currently “land locked” from my beloved Islands. All the colors hold intimate meaning to me and I love how Abba so tenderly sparked me to desire to read “Song of Solomon” just last week so that I would know this scarf called “Gentle Touch” was especially from Him and I would have absolutely no doubt.

I am astonished. At first I wanted to control the scarf while I danced just like I have observed Meghan and Allissa use their scarfs, but after I surrendered to the Holy Spirit, the dance took flight and to my amazement I was worshiping like a natural. Gratefully my arms are extra long so they swing the silk around so pleasantly. The silk scarf has elevated me to appreciate my position as His royal daughter and to receive my new ministry to assist in taking back my community for the Lord.

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14 thoughts on “Beyond Expectations Giveaway Gift

  1. this is beautiful!!!!

    your silk is made to make us to be worshiping prayer warrior of love with lover of our souls: YESHUA!!!

  2. WooHoo! How sweet! I love that last paragraph. I too, went through some moments trying to be “like” Allissa. She is wonderful to learn from but in the end, we need to just move from within, guided by Holy Spirit.

  3. BTW- Meghan, I wasn’t leaving you out! Allissa just has that wheel thing, I’d like to do. Finally got something similar but I was wasting valuable worship time working on technique. <3

  4. @Julie – LOL trust me, I get it! I’d love to do the wheel too 😉

  5. What a blessing!!!

  6. Beautiful. I too would like to be able to do some of the things like Allissa does. She has a very specail gift and I love to watch her. I love to watch Meghan too 🙂 I love to see how much her worship has grown. It is just lovely!!

  7. I love how the colors spoke so personally to her!!! I also love how she was drawn to Song of Solomon before her gift arrived. Abba is so tender. His love is extravagant!

  8. *Awww Stephanie, the words you wrote were a tender poem that touched my heart.

    Yes, Abba’s love is extravagant and He shows us in so many ways that it is great to show Him our love in return for loving us first.

  9. jesus bless you and your busniess and may you grow grow grow i love you girl judy

  10. Beautiful story. ♥

  11. The Lord was preparing her for the gift, that is a awesome testimony!

  12. So beautiful! The 5mm is so light & floaty, & the colors are beautiful…thank you for sharing 😉

  13. Thank you for sharing your lovely story with us!

  14. very beautiful

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