Pray it Forward: Gift Silks

It’s time to share the love! Over the years, we’ve heard many testimonies from people who received Dyed4you silk as a gift. So we decided to make gifting our silk even easier. 

We’ve designated our 8×54 scarves as our “gift silks” and made them affordable and available at a discount in multi-packs so you can keep some on hand. So whether you grab them on our Etsy store or in our Square Marketplace, you’ll get the same awesome deal.

Share the love – pray it forward! Ask Papa God who needs a touch from Him today and then send a beautiful, tangible reminder of His love 🙂

Note: with the gift silks you aren’t able to request certain colors or scriptures. With these, we pray and send you the one(s) we feel led to send. In the same way, we trust you will pray and ask Him who each one goes to. We look forward to hearing the awesome testimonies that come forth!

4 thoughts on “Pray it Forward: Gift Silks

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