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A “Right On Point” Gift Silk

A lovely testimony about Praying it Forward: Gift Silks. This is a wonderful reminder of what a blessing it can be to share a timely word with someone!

I received a ‘Pray It Forward’ silk from precious Elisa on 12/4/2018. I was so surprised and elated!  The thing is… it was right on point, and on time as I was preparing to have a time of fasting and prayerfully seeking intimacy with the Lord.  I could not seem to get the actual date to start or my focus. 

So when this precious gift came in the mail, it’s called: ‘Intimate Devotion’ and once reading the prophetic Words that accompanied it, I felt in my spirit this surely was from the Lord (smile). 

I was so moved by the silk and the colors and their meaning. I told Elisa I was so happy for the beautiful soft silk because my prayer shawl having wool in it, began to irritate me sometimes so I don’t use it as often. But now, I can use this silk all the time during prayer.  At 2 am I had the silk on my heart as I prayed for those Words spoken to be so in me.

I love the scriptures and have an even stronger longing to go deeper.

What Elisa shared with me….I found it just like Father God, to tell Elisa that the silk that was given to her to ‘pray forward’ was to be given to me, and how timely I received it….Wow! I am so, so grateful! Lord, I praise You! I feel so loved! And ready for our time together. 

So, I’m grateful for obedient hearts, because we never know who we are touching at the right moment. I also looked for the created image that goes with it, done by James Nesbit and found it on his site so I plan to get that as well.  All so beautiful!

2 thoughts on “A “Right On Point” Gift Silk

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