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Flagging and the Butterfly Effect

This glorious pair of regular wings called Crown of Glory were painted by one of our Dyed4you Team members. They shipped to Singapore, and their recipient shared her 5-star Etsy review followed by a lovely silk story. 

I am blessed beyond words. More than just the excellence in the quality of the item, the prophetic word that came with it was so aligned to the words that I have been receiving and i know that it just confirms it. The beauty of handmade is that, they are not 100% the same and no one else can ever have something 100% same as this! Love them lots! Thank you for your works and ministry! 😘

In her testimony below she makes a comment on the price. I laughed when I read it because we’ve had a difficult time pricing the painted silks because SO much time goes into them. The amount we add on for the painted ones amounts to maybe $5 or less an hour for the labor that goes into that portion. But we haven’t wanted to price them higher because we want them as accessible as possible. So we paint them as we’re able and make them available when they are and have decided to gift a portion of the time to create them to the recipients of these beauties. With that said, here’s her “scarf” story.

I started flagging for only a few weeks so far. The first time I flagged, my friend lent me her extra flag so I could flag during my church service. There was such freedom in worship and I loved it.

That same night I was trying to search for a pair of flags for myself and the moment I saw this pair of flags, I was so so so drew to and in loved with them, I know they are mine. Yes they were a lot pricer than I expected to be spending on a pair of flags (honestly), hence I took some time to think about it and ‘sleep on it’

A few days later I got the opportunity to join a few friends to flag together for a practice. During the practice, I was talking to my husband, hoping to convince him to buy the flags for me as my birthday present 🤣 but a friend came up and said “our flag is our weapon and therefore we got to buy our own weapon”. And I knew that I had to pay the price and it is my worship to God. So that same night I ordered the flags!

I waited patiently through the 12 days and I received this beautiful flag on Monday night. I am so blessed by the word that came with the flags! 

Tuesday night God woke me up one night at 3am and told me about ‘butterfly effect’. that when we are flagging, it is a freedom of worship but it’s also more than that.

The butterfly effect describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state, e.g. a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a hurricane in Texas. (True event, proven scientifically and mathematically)

And so the Lord spoke to me: I flap my ‘wings’ (my flags) to create a small change in the atmosphere. I have no control over what’s next but I know that with the little flapping, His can make a hurricane (removing of mountains) in another state (where people or the person would not have the strength to remove that mountain)..

In the butterfly effect, it talks about how we may all start at the same point but being a double pendulum (our hands and our arms) it will always result in a different results! And God can use our simple obedience of flagging to bring off such great impact in other people’s lives and at other parts of the world! 

Since then, I have been flagging everyday in my own devotion! I hope I am making sense! Hahahaha and thank you so much for what your ministry is doing! I am just so blessed and thankful for the flags and the opportunity to worship and achieve great things for God in the spirit! 🙆🏻‍♀️😘

Below is the demo video I took before shipping them.

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