If you are submitting a scarf story, please consider sharing a picture of your silk in use (e.g. wearing it, dancing with it, displaying it). You can do so using the form below.

Please understand any stories, testimonies, and/or pictures submitted will be considered released to share on the blog anonymously (or using just a first name).  To God be the glory!

NOTE: We rarely take longer than 72 hours* to respond to any email – so if it goes longer than that and you haven’t heard from us, please be sure to check your spam folder. We’ve started requiring a phone number just so we have an alternate way to follow up. I never sell or share your information with others. I treat your information the way I would want someone to treat mine!

*FYI emails received during the Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday) won’t be seen or responded to until after the Sabbath (more info). Thank you for understanding!

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    Dyed4you Silk in Action Photo

    (JPG files only - submit form without image if you have questions)

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