Shipping & Timing

Q. After I order, when can I expect my silk?
A. In general the creation time is about 2-4 weeks, but it can be up to 6 weeks – then add time for shipping (we ship from the mid-west region of the US). Sometimes we get them out faster, but it’s best not to plan for that.  For a special order item it can take 6 weeks or longer (because we may have to order things in to complete your order).  These are custom, hand-made items. We know the wait can be hard, but we’re hoping what you get is worth the wait! (If you don’t have time to wait, we have a selection of pre-dyed silks available for immediate shipping at Dyed4you Readymade – but remember, what you see there is what you get, if you want something custom, that will need to be ordered here through our main site,)

We’re always working to get them out as quickly as possible because we know you’re eager to receive them. Emailing to check on the status actually slows the process, and we really don’t have an update other than to say it is in progress – for more info on why, check out this blog post.  You will not receive a shipping confirmation, so just keep an eye out for your package! If you have a specific date you’re aiming for, please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders are not considered complete until paid for; the creation time starts when payment is completed.

Also NOTE: If you received shipping notification from Square, please check for the follow-up email we sent you (check your spam folder!) because unfortunately Square automatically sends this notification when we “accept” your order (which we have to do or they’ll cancel your order). Please understand this does NOT mean your order has shipped. As we explain above, everything we do is very custom, hands-on, and takes time – so we appreciate your patience while we create what Papa has for you!

Q. Can I get my silk faster than the normal turn around time (i.e. will you do rush orders)?
A. We currently do rushes based on your need and time availability.  We will do a rush if there is a need and we are able to, but we don’t do rushes “just because” 🙂  Another option if you don’t have time to wait is to select one of the silks available in our Dyed4you Readymade Etsy store. We have a variety of silks already made and ready to ship (you can even select expedited shipping options).

Q. How much extra does it cost for a rush order?
A. If you qualify for a rush order and we’re able to accommodate your needs in the time frame you’ve mandated, the rush fee depends on the circumstances and actual costs we’re incurring (e.g. if we have to pay extra for shipping to get your item in stock in time to dye it). Assume it will be $10 or higher.

Q. Why does it take so long to receive an order?
A. What we do is a very custom, hands-on process and honestly, giving time for the word to be birthed is sometimes the longest part.  What we’ve discovered over time is that God even orchestrates the timing of when the packages arrive. So even if it feels like a while, His timing is perfect.  We hope once you get to experience what we offer, you’ll think it was worth the wait 😉

Q. I live outside the US, how long will it take to receive me order?
A. Good question!  We’ve found the timing on international shipping varies dramatically!  In an effort to keep international shipping reasonable for you, we typically ship 1st class international mail.  This is NOT trackable.  If you want to be able to track your package, you will need to go with international priority air.

Heads-up to those in Canada, for some reason shipping to Canada has hands-down taken longer than anywhere else we’ve shipped to internationally (which includes everything from the UK to Australia to the Middle East).  We’ve had packages take over six weeks to arrive in Canada (and even on ones sent priority mail which should take no more than 10 days took 3 weeks), so consider that when selecting your shipping method.

NOTE: if you have custom duties owed on arrival, they are not included in your shipping costs and so you will need to pay those when you receive your package.


Anointing Oils

Q. I love the anointing oil you used on my scarf – where can I order more?
A. I use the Scent of Heaven anointing oils pretty much exclusively. You can visit the site here.

Q. I want to re-anoint my silk – how do I do that without staining it?
A. Great question! I actually have a how-to video on the blog showing you.

Q. I received my silk, but I can’t smell the anointing oil. Did you forget to anoint it?
A. No, we didn’t. The anointing oil is scented, but it is put on very lightly. If you want to smell the oil, we suggest you order a bottle from the Scent of Heaven (where all our anointing oils come from). I (Meghan) have major scent issues and am therefore very sensitive to not having anyone deal with the discomfort I often do. So when we anoint it is done for spiritual purposes not scenting.

Q. I have scent allergies, can you anoint my scarf with an unscented oil?
A. Absolutely! Please notify me at the time of purchase and I am happy to anoint your scarf with an unscented oil.

Q. I have scent allergies, but I forgot to tell you when ordering – how can I get the scent out?
A. The fastest way is to wash it on gentle. Per our care instructions, we don’t recommend this largely because the shimmer doesn’t do well in the laundry. (For example, the sparkle shimmer tends to come off.) Simply, be forewarned and proceed with caution! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sizes / Seams

Q. I’m not sure what size to get. What is the most frequently purchased size?
A. For men – the 6×24 prayer cloth (they get it so often we call it the “man scarf”!) or one of the stonewashed silks.
For women – the 22×72 in 8mm China Silk or 35×84 in 5mm China Silk.

Q. I am not sure I understand the different types of edges (e.g. serged vs. hand rolled/hand sewed)?
A. We’ve created this chart so you can see the difference. We’ve numbered them in case we need to dialog about your options. 🙂

Q. Some of my seams look a little wonky, did something go wrong?
A. No, we are not professional seamstresses so it is entirely possible for you to see a seam that isn’t perfect – that is definitely part of what makes these handmade. We do promise that although perhaps not visually perfect, they are always functional. Also remember on flags, since they will be in motion the wonkiness of a seam won’t show. We strive to do our best, but we definitely concede that you can tell our products are each hand crafted. 🙂

Q. My flag is a little smaller than the dimensions stated, why is that?
A. The sizes are approximate. This is because once seams/hems/serged edges etc. are added, it isn’t the exact dimension stated, but it will be close. Figure a couple inches of grace on the dimensions and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. 


Q. I would rather get to see what I’m getting before I order – is that possible?
A. Yes! You can order from our Dyed4you Readymade store.

Q. What’s the difference between Dyed4you and Dyed4you Ministries?
A. The short answer is who dyes your silk. The fact is we’re one ministry, but more than one person. Get the full story at our Dyed4you vs. Dyed4you Ministries post.

Q. I don’t understand some of the terms you are using, do you explain them somewhere?
A. Yes! We’ve compiled a Glossary to try to make life easier for you.

Q. I washed my crinkle silk, how do I get the crinkles back?
A. We’ve created a how-to video that demonstrates how to create a crinkle silk pretzel/knot, which will give you perfect crinkles. You’ll find the video in this blog post.

Q. How do you decide how to make these silks?
A. I realize what we do here may seem a tad unusual, but the “Spirit-led Dyeing?” section helps to explain how we do what we do.

Q. What is the difference between Bendies and Quills?
A. Quills and Bendies are similar in that they both have flexible rods and store in a bent position. Bendies are a thicker, stronger rod and they have a handle area to make gripping them a bit easier as well as having a similar tip to help avoid poke through. The quills have a gentle flow, are extra lightweight, and are made by our friends at Prophetic Worship Banners who have a patent pending. 


Scarf Names/Letters

Q. Why do your scarves have names?
A. The scarves are named for what they represent – for example, one day the Lord told me to wear my scarf called “Deep Peace”, later in the day I ended up in a situation where I was interceding for someone to have deep peace – God had sent me prepared to intercede. (see the Biblical context)

Q. How do you get the names?
A. Sometimes the Lord gives me the name while I’m making the scarf; sometimes He tells me when I’m finished with it or even a while after it’s been done. Sometimes He doesn’t tell me until I wear it for the first time. Sometimes the Lord will use one of my intercessor friends to give me the name.

Also, sometimes I start with the name. I was talking to my mother and she’d been reading in Psalms 30:11 and came across “Girded with Gladness” and thought that would make a wonderful scarf name. She told me about it and I felt like I was to make it for her, so I asked the Lord what that might look like… He sure came up with something I never would have – it was a prophetic message for my mother – it was beautiful. (Read some other Scarf Stories)

The thing is – there are no rules. He’s always doing a new thing – I just have to stay ready for that.

Find out more in the Spirit-led Dyeing? section

Q. What if I get a different name?
A. Sometimes that happens! That’s totally cool – sometimes He does that; sometimes He’ll change the meaning of the scarf for a particular time too. Again – there are no rules. He’s always doing a new thing – just stay ready and open for it.

Q. What is a scarf letter?
A. Scarf letters are where we document what the Father has told us about your silk. It will tell you the name, color meanings, scripture, anointing oil used, etc.

Scarf Uses

Q. How do you use the scarves?
A. There are many different uses. Their primary intended function is for worship [used as dance scarves (see someone dancing with one of our scarves), streamers, flags (see examples of our flags in action), wings, (see wings in action) billows] and intercession [e.g. prayer cloths, prayer shawls (see someone using it as a shawl)].

They also are lovely scarves for everyday wear – they can be worn lots of different ways.

Last (but certainly not least), they also make wonderful gifts!

See more examples of Dyed4you silk in action.

Q. Which scarves are best to dance with?
A. Personally I suggest anything in the 5mm weight. It floats on the air and makes you want to dance! See video of people dancing with Dyed4you silk.


Q. How do I take care of my scarf?
A. Details are on the Care Info page.

Q. What do I do if my Bendie / Quill breaks?
A. Despite every attempt made to have our products be as strong as possible, still there are times when one may break. Here is information on what to do if a quill breaks or if you have a problem with a bendie or spinner.



Q. What is your return policy?
A. Details are on the Return Policy page.