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He sees me as “Flawless”

I’m excited to share my own scarf story with you 🙂 Let me start by saying God has been talking to me about how He sees me (as He does with many of us). I’ve been going through deep inner healing for months now and it’s been a brutal, raw season. God’s written an amazing testimony in my life, but even though my poor choices have been redeemed for His glory they left plenty of scars on my heart and still very much influenced how I saw myself and felt God viewed me.

In a week when God was touching one of my deepest wounds, I got a call from a faithful Dyed4you customer who has now become a friend. She was ordering a couple scarves and one was a gift for someone – as she told me about this individual God began immediately downloading what the scarf was to look like, it’s name and it’s prophetic meaning. (I will pause to comment here that 90% of the time He does not do it that way, which is part of what made it so cool.)

When she was done telling me about it, she said she also felt that whatever God birthed was a word for me too. I was TOTALLY overwhelmed! What she didn’t know was God and I had already been talking about a new scarf and the one He’d just downloaded to me was my favorite color and was a PERFECT word for me! The name of my scarf is Flawless from Song of Solomon 4:7 “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”

I have been dyeing and wearing scarves for 4 years and never torn one once, but the first day I wore Flawless, it got torn. I was completely heartbroken because I LOVED my new scarf and was still receiving the word God was speaking to me through it. With determination, I sewed up the hole even though it looked like a big scar! My flawed Flawless.

Then God started speaking to me about it – He asked me if it was still beautiful… of course I answered it was! He asked then why I couldn’t believe how He could see me as beautiful despite my scars. (Makes me cry just typing that)

I love how He teaches us so gently… He is so good.

Below is a video of me dancing with my flawed Flawless scarf 🙂 The music is an original song by Becky B live in the Destiny Prayer Room.

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15 thoughts on “He sees me as “Flawless”

  1. It made me cry too and kind of makes me want to sob. That is very special! We must learn to see thru His eyes for ourselves and to share His love to others.

  2. Awwww!!!! :*-) Abba’s sweet & gentle affections for us are overwhelming! So encouraging to give this to you at such a perfect time while He’s healing your wounded heart and ministering to you about how He sees you. Interesting how He choose to reveal your scarf to you, too! I love to see how God uses others in our lives 🙂 And your dance is beautiful!

    What’s the name of the song you are dancing to? I think I’m going to start ordering a cd from you of your favorite songs because I love them so much! LOL!

  3. Thank you for your transparency and your words. God spoke to me through you today.

  4. Awwwww. So beautiful! I LOVE the torn part… Wow! Thank you for sharing your heart:) Awesome testimony. You are like one of those flowers that already looks fully bloomed but keeps blooming and opening. More and more beautiful. I will google a pic–I have no idea what this flower is called but I have seen them out and about.

  5. Meghan, I absolutely love this testimony!! I can see you proudly wearing your flawed Flawless! “For in my weakness, He is made strong.” (II Cor 12:9-10)

    Years ago, God showed me something in the Spirit that I think can apply here. What I saw was a floor that was nicely carpeted. Then, the carpet was pulled away to reveal a cement foundation with several large & small cracks. I thought, ” Oh, that’s no good. How can something this broken & cracked be repaired?” I heard God say, “It’s perfect – just how I want it.” I began noticing water coming up through the cracks. As I watched, it seemed like the water started flowing quite strong, rushing out the doors & as far as I could see. Then God showed me that the water was flowing from the River of God & needed the cracks (flaws) to flow through in order to bring healing to the people. Sometime after that vision, I discovered the scripture in Ezekiel 47.

    You are beautiful! Especially when the Holy Spirit leaks through your brokenness!

  6. What a beautiful testimony! He is so gentle and kind, yet fierce and strong… Wow!

  7. I love your testimony! I love your beautiful smile every time you dance for him!

    As i was reading your story and how God was speaking to you it reminds me of one time when God spoke to me on a Sunday Morning.

    My son-in-law had did something very wrong and was going to have to face it with all the strength he had. He got a DWI in September of 2008, was not his first. God had his Angels around that vehicle, his covering of protection. The very hard part was he had his son in the car. Addictions are awful and i pray right know to brake all addictions “in the name of Jesus”.

    My husband and I went to church that Sunday and the Pastors called for a Special time of prayer for families in need; They knew the story already and wanted to pray for us. That morning I was praying for my daughter and her family, my heart was aching so much. Our children make mistakes and we are hurt by them, but we forgive. I was hurting so bad and God softly spoke to me; “I know the hurt you are feeling, my children hurt me too when they make mistakes”. God was feeling the same hurt as me, but yet everything is forgiven. God is so good.

    My son-in-law is still facing many things, but I know that God is working in his live. He hasn’t had a drink in some time now. I pray that he will start going to church and his family will follow. Emma my granddaughter (his daughter) goes to church with us and she LOVES GOD!!! God has placed Emma in the house to be a shining light; and that she is!!!

    Your story made me think of the one that touches my heart a lot. God is so good. Love you Meghan!!!

  8. The blooming flower that came to mind is called a “Torch Ginger” flower. I bet it smells as sweet as it looks:)

  9. Oh! Your testimony makes me cry! Of course we would see something of our own creation as beautiful if we had spent time on it and had become so dear to us – flawed or not. Why would we think it to be any different with our Heavenly Father! Such a simple concept to understand, but it’s not until the H-E-A-R-T receives that that lesson is well learned.

  10. His love wrapped around us…Such a tangible reminder to have to display the remembrance of His love for us.

  11. Wow! Meghan, this is a beautiful testimony. Ever since I’ve heard your testimony I’ve been speaking the word “flawless” in to many women’s lives…as I truly believe all of us need to hear that! But nothing beats hearing it from our father Himself! 🙂

  12. I love this…So sweet and so true!

  13. Beautiful scarf, beautiful testimony!

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