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Cleaning Gems

You’ve seen Dwelling in His Beauty swing flags before (and a wing), but this isn’t a demo because this is MY pair along with my scarf story 🙂

First of all, my sister was the first one to receive a Dwelling in His Beauty silk, so it held personal meaning from the start (see my sister in her’s).  The problem with my job is I fall in love with silks ALL the time and at the end of the day I can’t wear them all at once, so I am very careful to only make one when I feel the Lord leading me to.

Several months back I received a word from someone in the Dyed4you community that touched me deeply (I can’t begin to tell you how often I get comments that are prophetic, encouraging, a blessing, etc. or even straight up words like this was. Y’all end up in my journal all the time!).

This is an excerpt from my journal that overviews what was said:

She said that I took the time to pick up what appeared to be crusty rocks. Things discarded and unwanted by others, but when the Lord would point them out and say “pick that up” I would obey even if nothing in the natural encouraged it. I’d take the time to clean and polish these rocks only to discover that they were beautiful gems whose beauty had simply been hidden.

Then I sit surrounded by loveliness and glory and others marvel at how one such as me could have such a stunning collection. But they don’t understand they are the same ones who would have allowed their natural eyes to just the “crusty rocks” and pass them by not understanding their true worth or being willing to stop and collect them at the Lord’s bidding.

These gems are the ladies Yah’s put around me. Precious women who have been overlooked or rejected but whose hearts are golden and who flourish as I yield to be His vessel to love and help bring healing to them (or whatever He asks).

The fact is I am blessed to be surrounded by amazingly anointed ladies and it’s humbling because more often than not I see them operating in giftings greater than my own… they simply needed someone to encourage them, and I am gifted to be an encourager 🙂

Now fast forward to when I posted the link to the last pair of Dwelling in His Beauty swing flags on Facebook and one of you in the Dyed4you Community (Melissa M) posted this comment:

Wow, the thing that came to mind while watching this video is what the Lord told me a long time ago.

“Though you stumble and seem drenched in mud, I tell you the truth every gem is cleaned from the filth and prized! The filth will never define the outcome of the gem! I love you. I truly deeply wholeheartedly love you. ” ~ Papa God

When you unearth a gem you wash it and reveal the beauty within as it reflects the light, and while looking at these colors I am reminded of that very fact. The brown (dirt), the blue (water), the green (gem) and yellow (light). Awesome job Meghan!

It was my word all over again! And as I read it I sensed I was to have a pair for myself both as a reminder of the word and a reminder to be willing to take the time to stop at His prompting (and He confirmed I was to have a pair through another one of you… Allissa).

So many in the Body of Christ feel neglected, overlooked, marginalized, etc. or have been put down by others who are intimidated by their giftings. We are called to minister to and lover one another. We are ONE body!

With all that said, below is a video of me worshiping with my pair of Dwelling in His Beauty. It is long and unedited and includes outtakes – I smack my head twice and get them tangled more than once – but it embodies (to me) the beauty that is in our worship even when it isn’t perfect by the world’s standards… it is still pleasing to the audience of One for Whom it was intended 🙂

Oh and like the Wait Upon the Lord wing video, the music is my friend Ariel Henry live from the Destiny Church Prayer Room.  She has an album coming out soon (hopefully) – I’ll let you know when it does because you’ll definitely want to get it!

View swing flags

17 thoughts on “Cleaning Gems

  1. Stunning, I see the light shinning through one of Papa’s gems! 😉

    truly sensed the manifest presence of God strongly yet gently while watching you praise. The thing that came to mind watching you praise was sometimes the process of discovering and cleaning gems seems unorthodox and like it is a tangled mess, but to Papa it is His master plan the very fingerprint of His heartbeat. Just when things seem to be all twisted or backwards, we continue in faith and in love and it all unwinds and reveals the beauty of the work He stitched together in the middle of it all.


    And btw sis thank you for the edification! This is something many of us (myself included) need to hear over and over is that He loves us.

  2. Testimony is beautiful, swing flags are amazing but I guess what touched me most was the meaning behind all of this. It was what I needed most at this time, I am not overlooked. I often feel exposed in my worship, it is personal and I am aware of being imperfect but like you stated Meghan is is for Him. When we stand in the choir I guess I feel exposed during worship and I never want anyone to judge whether it is real. Lord, you know my heart and it is for you.

  3. Really cool testimony. 🙂

    As I watched, I kept seeing a map unfurl. A journey to take, through different terrain and even across water.

    If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. Psalm 139:9-10

  4. such love, such love……amazing love

  5. Meghan, I love the way that you can “see” the gem being revealed as you worship with these flags. did you notice as you watched the video back, that you the worshiper are closest to the green… as you brought them over your head you could see the visual of all the “stuff”being cleansed away to reveal the true gem – a heart longing to worship the Father! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. You have that look of deep satisfaction that only comes from worshipping in the presence of your Abba. When we don’t know how to pray, or what to do, all we have to do is get back to where you are in this video…that heart of worship…when all we can do is tell Him how awesome he is, how faithful, how worthy, how lost we would be without him, how grateful we are that we never have to face that as a reality as long as we keep his word….

    Oh, and it looks like you’ve picked up a few tricks, you do much better with these swing flags than you like to let on! It makes sense, though, because what you do in “worship mode” is different than what you do in “I Am Making A Video” mode 😉 Thank you, once again, for sharing so honestly! Love you!

  7. I love this. Raw, unedited. But isn’t that the way we should come into His presence? I’m glad I come brown. If I came to Him sparkling, then I would not get the cleaning that I need.
    I am so glad that you have this pair. You are SUCH an encourager and polisher and I love that these flags represent that (and more) for you. I am also thrilled to have a matching pair!
    You are such a blessing!

  8. So glad you have these flags to remind and affirm your value and purpose in the Kingdom. The repeat of the word to you gave me goosebumps. Thank you for allowing God to use you so beautifully in the lives of others. You are a treasure.

  9. Such an amazing story. Things or people neglected by some are gems to another. That is truth. Just because a few may see no value in something doesn’t mean others don’t.

  10. I am crying watching this vid. You are like a little girl, swishing her skirts and looking up at her Pappa Abba, and asking Him to dance, and to play. There is such joy and trust in your expression as you worship! Bless you Meghan.

  11. Beautiful! Amen to what my sisters have said!

    Thank you for a glimpse of such an intimate time with Pappa! I too could see you like a precious child in His presence! A pure heart of worship, nothing melts His heart more! It was like your countenance grew brighter as the video progressed. I saw you shaking off the last specks of dirt..and thought it interesting that you didn’t have all black on like you normally do…on my screen it looked like your pants were brown…..season is shifting and I could hear cleansing!

  12. THAT was great. What a testimony, I LOVE ABBA SOOOO MUCH and how He works… Thank you for sharing that, unedited, uncut, “just as I am” type quality. Just the way He want’s us, excepts us, and draws us in. Love the worship from Airel, and love the flags, colors and all. Very nice

  13. What a beautiful testimony! WOW, the video is amazing! I can really see the presence of God half way through the video, so AMAZING! You are just glowing and you are so beautiful, Papa God ♥’s you so much. ♥ you Meghan

  14. gems receive their color by heat, pressure, moisture and surrounding elements in the ground. so when God is having his way, testing us and putting us thru the fire, by surrounding us with elements that may not be by choice, we become the gem that He desires, with sides of us that reflect the Creater. each one unique in His perfection. love the flags. love the song bird. donna

  15. Wow! When you switched the center grips, the colors came alive in the movement and it totally changed the visual expression. Very pretty in any direction, but I guess i just love the brightness of the blue and green.

  16. Beautiful 😀 I was so encouraged by the testimony! Thank you for sharing!

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