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Transformed XLR

Joshua-transformedYou’ve seen Joshua with these flags before – they are a pair of XLR quills called Transformed. This style is a favorite and so beautiful in this setting where the flags really look like wings against the beautiful sky 🙂

This clip was taken during a prayer and worship service at Activation Ministry Center. Enjoy!

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18 thoughts on “Transformed XLR

  1. Breathtaking! What an anointed young man! I only wish the video has been longer. 🙂

  2. I wish there had been more! He stopped as I turned off the camera! Trying to record and watch a 20 month old at the same time is also fun!!!

    Joshua is truly anointed! The sun shining on these made them look iridescent.

    Have a blessed day!!!!

  3. Breathtaking is right!! Wow!

  4. Seeing men worship with flags will never get old! He does an amazing job!

  5. Yes, so anointed! 😀 Looks like Butterfly wings <3 Just Beautiful 😀

  6. powerful anointing for worship. refreshing to see men worship with flags. I will never get tired of seeing worship like this. thanks for sharing. your work is making a huge impact on the kingdom!

  7. LOVE! POWER and A SOUND MIND is what I heard when watching this. Spectacular anointing and encouraging.

  8. I agree with the earlier comments, i love it! I just wish it would have been longer. Sigh, not a bad complaint lol!


  10. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  11. Amazing talent that God blessed him with!

  12. Awesome! I loved how the silk was partly see through…you could see shadows…I thought of darkness fleeing. And being in the hidden place with the Lord.

  13. awesome and amazing YAHWEH an YAHSHUA bless you love an shalom:)

  14. HOSHEA NUM.13:8,NUM.13:16 blessing to you 🙂

  15. YAY!!!!! get it JOSH!! Powerful!

  16. I love watching guys flag! These remind me of butterfly wings. 🙂

  17. Dude come on! So much power being released! Break through brother!!

  18. Wow! So much freedom!

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