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Ruffled, Rounded Swing Flag

RuffledSwingLove this newest Dyed4you inspiration! This is a ruffled, rounded swing flag (this particular one is dyed in the Glory style). This is a special order item at present. It basically is a rounded swing flag with insets sewn in to give a beautiful ruffle that adds a flutter in motion. Love this!

The music is my dear friend Emily singing in Destiny’s prayer room 🙂

View swing flag / special order

9 thoughts on “Ruffled, Rounded Swing Flag

  1. OH my goodness!!!! I NEED a pair of these! So so beautiful 🙂 Guess I better start praying in flag provision! 😉

  2. They look very pretty in motion!

  3. Beautiful! I like them in motion!!

    Love your laugh and smile!!!

  4. ♥♥♥Beautiful♥♥♥

  5. Oh my my my…….
    Very sweet.
    Love it without a dout

  6. wow…..awesome as always! May Abba continue to bless your creativity!

  7. BBBEAUTIFUL love an shalom

  8. WHAT!!!! AMAZINGNESS! These are fantastic!!!

  9. I love the flow of these flags. So tender. It’s like they caress the air. Love them!

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