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Weighty Awe (Painted Glory Wings)

These gorgeous painted bendie wings were birthed as a collaborative effort between several of our Dyed4you team members and the recipient. God had given her a vision for these throne room glory flags that included painted features and hebrew lettering. To say they came out stunning is an understatement because they truly are a work of art! This is what she shared in her 5-star review on Etsy:

This is the most beautiful anointed flag set ever! The flag set is named ‘Glory of the Throne Room’. A delight to have collaborated with Dyed4you in its’ creation. Many have asked where and how it came into being…always a joy to share. Thank you Meghan and company for your amazing talents and prophetic gifting.

In addition, Papa had us created a coordinating Prophetic “Portrait” for her called Throne Room Glory. She shares her response in the message below.

…thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this most wondrous flag set, words and prophetic art picture…absolutely beautiful beautiful!!

I picked them up on Sat and after reading all your anointed words and staring at the picture over and over my heart was so touched I was literally speechless, I couldn’t find words to write you yesterday. I still don’t even have adequate words to express what I am sensing … only to say my heart is pressed by a weighty awe. That the Lord would even allow me to hold a portion of the glory of each of our hearts contributions representing the ‘Glory of the Throne Room’ in praise and worship is truly humbling…I am deeply touched with no words to express it to you. I shall treasure this experience with you always…its like gaining three wonderful big sisters and every time I use these flags a part of you will be with me. Thank you, dear sisters, for your labor of love…may The Father richly bless each of you. As Holy Spirit moves me to use these flags I will pass the blessing onto you as they are anointed by Him.

To God be the Glory!

A portion of the recipient Heather’s dance where she used the painted Glory of the Throne Room wings
slo-mo demo of the Glory of the Throne Room wings
Heather’s full dance which includes streamer veils from our friends at Called to Flags and another pair of Dyed4you bendie wings called Season of Bounty
Heather during her first ministry dance in a congregation in 30 years

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