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Reverently Made

Another sweet testimony about a tallit – this one is from a 5-star review we received in our Etsy store.

I’ve had my tallit for 2 months, and I haven’t known where to begin with how meaningful and precious a gift it is. To begin, let me say that it was beautifully and reverently made, lovingly packaged, and delivered quickly. So much thoughtfulness and Spirit goes into this creation. I was surprised by the colors! I never feel like a “pink” person, but the meanings of all the colors used in the tallit are so spot-on for me, and now I feel like a lovely rose! The Hebrew inscription, the accompanying verses and visions, absolutely everything is so personal for me. A couple of weeks after receiving my tallit, I began applying to seminary and now hopefully await admission for the fall! Thank you so very much for this sacred gift which has reminded me of my calling and helped me follow it more courageously!

I AM My Beloved’s Oversized beaded tallit with hebrew lettering

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