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Why Use a Tallit/Prayer Shawl

Meghan wearing her oversized beaded tallit

Uses for your tallit:

  • Prayer covering
  • Helps switch gears
  • Lessens distractions
  • Serves as a “do not disturb” sign
  • Residual anointing 
  • Portable prayer tent

Our tallits have handcrafted tassels (or beaded tzitzits with tassels on the end) on the four corners (Deuteronomy 22:12). Each has 1 intentionally blue strand running through its hand-crafted tassel (Numbers 15:37-41). Jewish tradition states that these tassels must be created intentionally. These symbolize your commitment to the LORD and to His word. They are representative of our covenant with God. Like a wedding ring, it’s not just “oops” it’s on, it’s done with deliberate choice.  

Like Ruth covering herself with Boaz’s cloak, it’s symbolic of being under God’s covering (Ruth 3:9)

Like the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’s garment, it’s a place of healing (Luke 8:44)

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