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Healing Dance Ministry

Beautiful healing dance ministry featuring a Dyed4you silk called Passion Fire

Nearly a decade ago, I traded silk with a prophetic artist in exchange for the first personal prophetic painting I received (which I shared about in our post Beauty (Prophetic Portrait) Testimony). About a week ago as I was looking up at the painting which hangs in my sewing area where I make the flags, I was thinking of my sweet friend Alison and just sending blessings her way (it’s been well over a year, maybe even two, since we’ve been in touch). 😊

A few days later, I received an email from her with the link for the video below and her note included this explanation, “This is a dance the Lord led me to do for someone, the Lord ministers to her each time she watches it and we feel to post it for others too, for all those who are contending with health issues, may God heal and restore…” I was so blessed on multiple levels! I could personally feel and receive the ministry, but also just loved the reminder that we’re all connected in the Spirit. God is so good! I pray you are blessed by the ministry below as well, which features the semicircle silk she’s now had for nearly a decade. 😊

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