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Ecstatic About Her Wings

Beautiful testimony from a customer who ordered some prophetically dyed regular handled bendie wings (5mm aka “light” weight silk).

My name is Michelle and I have to testify about these beautiful worship wings! I ordered two regular bendie wings with the handle. I was a bit nervous to not request the colors…I originally wrote, “let God lead you, BUT my favorite colors are purple and blue.” I decided to remove my favorite colors and be totally dependent that Abba would choose what’s best for me in this season. 

I was ecstatic to see the wings arrive and they are primarily purple and blue! This just makes my heart leap because I never told anyone that this is the vision I saw when I asked Abba what I should ask for. 

Dyed4you Art regular handled bendie wings (5mm aka “light” weight silk) called Favored One, Follow Me

They are a bit larger than I thought they would be, but they are great for larger spaces. I have no problem worshipping outside and I definitely plan on ordering some smaller ones as well for use in my room. The quality is superb and I couldn’t be more satisfied! Thank you for your ministry and I give God glory for your gifts! The colors were so on point for the season!

Thank you so much!

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