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About our Silks

The heart behind Dyed4you Ministries is about hearing the voice of God and helping others do the same. Everything we do is intended to further that mission and foster deeper relationship with Him. As a result, the bulk of what we create is done with little to no input from the customer. One or more of the Dyed4you Team Members simply prays and then we create as Papa leads. With that said, if God has specifically highlighted something to you (a color, scripture, or a silk we’ve dyed previously), please share that here. You are welcome to share personal preference as well, but we ask that you note it as such. Putting together what we create is like piecing together a puzzle, so we want all the pieces without having ones that aren’t part of the full picture. To read more about how we birth the letters that go with our silks visit http://dyed4youministries.com/about-our-silk-letters-art-words/


About Dyed4you Iowa

Becky (Dyed4you Iowa) and Meghan (founder of Dyed4you)

Becky is the hands behind Dyed4you Iowa. She found Dyed4you just as she was retiring from decades as an art teacher, and quickly became a silk and flag enthusiast. She joined the Dyed4you Team in 2018, and then partnered with the ministry to add a new facet to what we do. Since she is an artist (and the daughter of an artist), she began collaborating with us by painting prophetic art on Dyed4you silks, which added a new depth and dimension as well as additional prophetic insight. She officially launched Dyed4you Iowa in 2021. We have enjoyed watching her blossom in this new medium, and expand the ministry. We are all blessed by her enthusiasm and encouragement. [See prophetic download posts by Becky on Dyed4you Ministries blog.]


At Dyed4you Iowa, we offer a subset of the full Dyed4you line to our local audience. You can make requests for sizes/styles not included in our standard order form (which we’ve streamlined for simplicity’s sake). 

We focus on the bendie line of flags/wings since they’re versatile and light, and they’re by far our most popular style flag. Our bendies are 100% Habotai Silk with a light weight and smooth touch. This fabric is what people often call “China silk.” They are our standard weight 8mm. The bendies have a grosgrain ribbon (either in a coordinating or neutral color) that houses our “bendie” rod, which extends away from the silk to create a clear “handle” area. To use, gently hold the flag on the handle area and wave and dance with it (being careful not to hit anyone!). For more information on how to use bendie flags, please visit our blog at Dyed4you.com/blog

For information about storing a bendie, visit: http://dyed4you.com/blog/2017/12/how-to-store-bendies/ though please note that painted bendies should be rolled to help preserve paint. 

Prophetic Painting

A prophetic painting can be added to any of our 8mm silks for an additional cost and additional creation time. They are a labor of love. All our silks have an enormous amount of time and effort going into them, but these take it to a whole new level. We believe you will be blessed by the results (see testimonies from some of those who have been blessed by our painted silks). 

The difference between dye and paint on silk is that dye changes the property of the actual silk fibers (thus leaving no difference to the feel, texture, or weight of the silk) whereas paint actually creates a thin coat around the fibers (thus leaving some texture and feel as well as adding slight weight). The paint has been fixed by heat so if you treat this silk with loving care and it will last just as beautifully as our regular silks do. We strongly suggest rolling rather than folding (or doing anything that creates an excess of lines over the painted areas). This will help with the longevity of your piece. We’ve also created a video sharing about the differences (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ftg5GDcwlo). We pray you’re blessed by the multiplication of anointing these beautiful prophetic paintings add!

Painted prices

Prices start at $100 and go up according to size and complexity, topping out somewhere around $300 (this is in addition to the price of the dyed silk). Though we realize this is an investment, it actually only accounts for a small portion of the creation time, the lion’s share of which is donated to the ministry as a gift to the customers. 

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