Introducing Dyed4you Flutes

We’re doing a new thing! For those of you who watch our weekly Lunchtime Live on the Dyed4you Ministries facebook page (or subscribe to our Dyed4you Ministries blog and see it via email the next day), you know that I (Meghan) have become passionate about flutes. I first was exposed to them almost a decade ago by one of my Dyed4you Ministry Team members, and then this past summer was reconnected with them (and then gifted one) by someone in the Dyed4you Community. Now I’m officially a goner!

These are wonderful instruments for prayerful times of meditation or ministry, for praise and worship, and of course just for fun. They’re easy to learn and play, easy to transport, and a joy to use. 

We’ve teamed up with Mike Whallon of Grey Wolf Flutes to bring you Dyed4you flutes! Mike is crafting these beauties in a variety of woods and keys, and then we are prophetically dyeing them just like we do our silks.

You won’t be able to order them, instead we’ll make them available as we have some – and when we do, you’ll find them in our Etsy store in the specialty section.

Find out more in the video below and see some examples in the pictures below that. As always, let us know if you have questions. Happy worshipping!

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