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Transforming Confirmation

This stunning painted beaded regular tallit was given as a gift to one of our guest contributors on our Dyed4you Ministries blog. Below she shares her story.

I just wanted to take time to say thank you for being part in sending me this beautiful tallit πŸ˜Š I was so shocked that I cried like a baby (for awhile too). Didn’t see this coming!  The moment I laid my eyes on it from Becky’s awesome post I knew one day I wanted to have it to pray and worship under. The vision she shared touched me deeply and powerfully.  I wanted to go deeper into being transformed.

This silk is so beautiful and the butterflies are just what the Lord has been highlighting to me lately.  I embraced being transformed while I was under the tallit and knowing the name of the oil to which it was anointed really added to the moment.

 I’m slowly reading each part in the letter to embrace each Word and scripture as I speak it over myself in agreement.  I am so grateful and so humbled right now, and still taking all this in.  It even ties in with something I wrote the other day concerning the butterfly’s morphing process.  It’s titled: ‘Patience in the Transformation’. 

I loved on page 4 of the letter under the title Flourish in Freedom, where the Lord says, Walk in agreement with the finished work of the cross. Let your life be testament to My transformative power…Wow! I pondered on some things through that.  As soon as I read the scripture John 19:30 and came to… Jesus said, “It is finished” I was taken to those words echoing from the DVD I just watched on Sunday, The Gospel of John.  

God is so amazing how strategic He is (smile).  I stand in such awe of Him!  He was planning all this months ago πŸ˜ And what really amazes me is how He was planning to give me this precious Tallit before I even laid eyes on it (smile).  Praise God! Thank You, my Lord! πŸ‘ And I’m so grateful for you all’s kindness and obedience…

Note: our painted silks are created as we partner with one of our Dyed4you team members (Becky) who adds a painted prophetic image (and additional word) to our Dyed4you silks. The can be custom ordered by request (they have an 8-12 week turnaround time as these are a labor of love), and any that are available immediately can be found in our Etsy store.

2 thoughts on “Transforming Confirmation

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