Bendie Flags & Wings

Bendie Flags and Wings are made out of both 5mm and 8mm China Silk and come in a variety of sizes. They come by default with a silk sleeve for storage and are equipped with our “bendie” rods, which are sturdy rods that have flex to them.

Our bendie wings and flags are 100% Habotai Silk with a light weight and smooth touch. This fabric is what people often call “China silk.” The wings have a serged edge. The flags either simply have a hemmed/serged end or are serged on all 3 sides (depending on if they have a selvedge). A color-coordinated grosgrain ribbon has been sewn on to create a ribbon-reinforced pocket that houses the bendie rod. Bendies are able to be stored in a bent position and come with an organza storage bag.

Please also note: Bendie flags/wings should be used with care. Dyed4you/Dyed4you Readymade is not responsible in the event of an accident while using a bendie wing. Use at your own risk.

Every once and a while a bendie will break, if that happens – no worries, it’s relatively easy to get them fixed. Here’s more info about that.

Bendie Wings (Semicircles)

Regular Bendie Wings (RBW) 8mm weight, approx 35×54″

  • Single regular bendie wing – $110
  • Matched pair regular bendie wings – $180

Large Bendie Wings (LBW) in either the 8mm or 5mm (light denoted with an “L”) – approx 45×72″

  • Single large bendie wing – $150
  • Matched pair large bendie wings – $245

Bendie Flags

Bendie Flags available in Medium Light approx 35×42″, Large Light approx 35×55″, XL / XL Light approx 45×55″, and Large Rounded (Light) approx 45×54″

  • Matched pair medium light bendie flags – $145
  • Single large light bendie flag – $100
  • Matched pair large light bendie flags – $165
  • Matched pair large rounded bendie flags – $190
  • Matched pair XL light bendie flag – $180
  • Matched pair XL bendie flags – $210

Long Bendie Flags

Long Bendie Flags available both with and without a fishtail in Large Long in 5mm silk approx 35×72″ (or 90″ with fishtail), XL Long in 5mm silk approx 45×72″ (or 90″ with fishtail), and XL Long (Heavy) in 8mm silk approx 45×72″ with the fishtail.

  • Single large long bendie flag – $120
  • Pair large long bendie flags – $215
  • Single large long bendie flag with fishtail – $145
  • Pair large long bendie flags with a fishtail – $255
  • Single XL long bendie flag – $130
  • Pair XL long bendie flags – $240
  • Single XL long bendie flag with fishtail – $155
  • Pair XL long bendie flags with fishtail – $270
  • Single XL long 8mm bedie flag – $145
  • Pair XL long 8mm bendie flags – $255
  • Single XL long 8mm bendie flag with fishtail – $165
  • Pair XL long 8mm bendie flags with fishtail – $280

NOTE: Part of what makes Dyed4you unique is the fact that it is not about what you want, it is about what the Father wants you to have. If you have not visited our “How-To Order” post, please do so before giving details in your order. As always, if you have questions please ask!

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Below you’ll find videos showing several sizes of bendies flags/wings