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Ministry for Women Who’ve Miscarried or Lost Children

I’m sharing this video both as Dyed4you wanting you to see one of our 4yd streamers (called Diadema Eleos or Crowned with Mercy) from Dyed4you Readymade in action AND as a recipient of the ministry these beautiful ladies were giving. Continue reading Ministry for Women Who’ve Miscarried or Lost Children

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PFT Angels Purim 2014

PFT-angels_Purim2014This is the young dance team at Passion for Truth affectionately nicknamed the PFT Angels (who you’ve seen before). In this dance to Born for This (which they performed Purim weekend), they use a special order 6 yard billow and two 3 yd streamers.  You’ve seen the billow before in a quiet worship moment I’d shared. They did an awesome job – so proud! Continue reading PFT Angels Purim 2014

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One Night with a King

Calah-OneNightWithaKingEarlier this week I shared a snippet from worship this past weekend and promised to share the young ladies dance special when the video was posted… well here it is and it is wonderful! She’s dancing with a pair of special order 2XLR quill flags (named Come to Me), which you’ve seen before when one of our “PFT Angels” was worshiping with them. The song is called One Night with a King and the dance was done Purim weekend. Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading One Night with a King

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Pastor Jim with Faithful banner flag

PastorJim_FaithfulThese videos are from a live worship service at Passion for Truth, Pastor Jim had been prompted by the Father to grab the rainbow banner flag – he actually shared a bit about his exchange with the Father for the congregation. Without knowing the name of the silk, Father was reminding him of His promises and how He is faithful to fulfill His word. Little did he know the name of the flag he was holding was Faithful 🙂 Continue reading Pastor Jim with Faithful banner flag

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Under His Wings LW Quill

Larisa-LW-UnderHisWingsIn these videos, you’ll see me using my LW (large wing) quill called Under His Wings (which is one of our popular styles) and my very favorite flag! We’ve seen this style before – Meghan has it in a dowel wing, we’ve seen it as an 8mm semicircle voi,  and it even appeared as one of the demo silks in our Basic Moves for Dancing with Scarves. The videos below were taken during a live service at Passion for Truth (PFT). You will also see some Dyed4you swing flags in the background as well a Prophetic Worship Banner quill and streamers from both ministries 🙂 Continue reading Under His Wings LW Quill

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Allissa Ministering with YHVH Rohi (the Lord my Shepherd)

Allissa-Rohi-PFTThis was a beautiful moment of worship during the Yom Kippur (Feast of Atonement) services – so much healing happening!  Allissa is ministering with a pair of XL quill flags called YHVH Rohi (the Lord my Shepherd), which you’ve seen before in M quills as a demo, in XL quills, in a dowel wing by both Tami and Amanda, as a silk, as a streamer, and one with a face in it… it is a fav! Continue reading Allissa Ministering with YHVH Rohi (the Lord my Shepherd)

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2 yr old with Amazed Streamer

Tinsley-amazedToo precious for words! I wish I’d caught more of this sweetie-pie with this 3 yd streamer called Amazed (see the demo here). She was at it for a while before I thought to snag some video – she gets a little distracted partway through by the handle on the rod, but it is all so precious! Continue reading 2 yr old with Amazed Streamer

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PFT Shavuot (Pentecost) Conference

Shavuot-PFTA couple days after our time at Beit Tikkun (which you saw the clip from), we had a conference at my home church honoring the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost). These are a couple clips from our services – what’s especially fun for me is a couple of the people in one of the videos are visitor from out of town – one in particular is an avid follower (and commenter) on this blog! In the videos you’ll see quills and swing flags and more.

Continue reading PFT Shavuot (Pentecost) Conference

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Every Captive Free Swing Flags

Totra-EveryCaptiveFreeThis video compilation is from Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) last fall. You actually got to see a glimpse of these flags in action in the Sukkot Flag Class post. These are a pair of regular swing flags called Every Captive Free (which you’ve seen before as a streamer). This is actually the dad of our 2 yr old friend with the streamer 😉

Continue reading Every Captive Free Swing Flags

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Corporate Worship

Hannah-PFTA precious glimpse of corporate worship during a service at Passion for Truth. In the still I’ve captured you”ll see 4 different pairs of Dyed4you flags (2 M quills, S quills, and the mismatched swing flags that match yesterday’s post). In the video you’ll also see a pair of XL quills from Prophetic Worship Banners as well as some others.

Continue reading Corporate Worship

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2 yr old with Streamer

Isaiah-RohiThis post needs to have a serious cuteness warning on it – LOL!  The first video below is Isaiah with his 2 yr birthday gift – a 2.5 yd streamer, the second video is him 6 months later at church wielding two 3 yd streamers together, and the final one is a demo video of me with his special order 2.5 yd streamer (which is called YHVH Rohi, the Lord my Shepherd). So precious!!! Continue reading 2 yr old with Streamer