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Women’s Retreat, Roadside & Beach-side

These shots are from a Women’s Retreat in CA that our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners participated in 🙂

After the retreat, the car broke down, so they decided what better way to spend time on the side of the road than whipping out some Dyed4you quills! Love that you can see the headlights in some shots. Continue reading Women’s Retreat, Roadside & Beach-side

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Flag Class

This is a flag class from a conference that Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners participated in. I see at least 2 pairs that I dyed and several of hers too (including the beautiful butterfly wings!)

Nearly all the flags being used belong to a Dyed4you (and Prophetic Worship Banners) customer – the one who shared her Why I Dance with Flags post.  Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Continue reading Flag Class

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Ohio Auction

About a month ago, Amanda Estep asked me if I’d pray about donate stuff for their silent auction for raising funds for their women’s retreat.  I ended up sending 5 printcards (the Beloved and Warrior series) and an 11×60 Deeper Waters scarf.  The auction was today and here’s what Amanda shared so far: Continue reading Ohio Auction