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Spirit Breaking Out at Church

Amazing service this morning at church! Total break out of the Spirit. A beautiful time of healing and ministry. Our pastor (John Kramer) started handing out flags to get everyone engaged and things really started flowing. Beautiful! More Dyed4you silk here than I could begin to cover but to name a few: Created for His Glory large bendie flag, Ascend and Consider It Joy 4yd streamers, Prophetic Flow banner flag, Steady Progress XL long quill, the long green dowel flag is one I made about a decade ago (I can’t remember the name), Righteous Warfare XL bendie flags, Passion Fire and Hearing Heart regular spin wings, Enthroned One spin wing (custom size), and more! Continue reading Spirit Breaking Out at Church

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Hubby at Church

Since it’s always fun to get to see men in worship with flags, I wanted to share several random video snippets from church (Gateway:61 here in St. Louis, MO). He’s using a variety of flags including regular dowel wings, XL quill flags (both regular lightweight ones and heavy weight), a spin wing, and a banner.  Continue reading Hubby at Church

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The Voice of the Lord Banner

Love this custom-sized (55″x90″) banner flag called the Voice of the Lord! This was a gift for the “mother” of Dyed4you (hear the history of Dyed4you) and she put it immediately to good use by worshipping with it during corporate worship (at Gateway:61). Hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into a beautiful moment of worship ๐Ÿ™‚ Below you’ll also find a couple other videos of this flag in action. It’s letter is posted over on my personal blog if you’re interested (Silk: The Voice of the Lord)!  Continue reading The Voice of the Lord Banner

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Confirming Mantle

prophetmantleIt’s always lovely when we receive confirmations. This silk story is about a customer who contacted us about getting a silk to align with a word he’s gotten that he was a prophet. God had given several specifics. So our first confirmation was simply the timing of his request because when he asked, the prophetic team was actually working on a new silk and guess what it was called… you got it, Prophet Mantle! And the specifics he’d been given were already in the word. God is so good!ย  Continue reading Confirming Mantle

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Covered by Blessings testimony

We received this testimony a few short weeks ago and every time I read it it brings tears of joy… She ordered banner flags for her and her son and this is just half of the testimony for her personally. She promised her son’s will follow as that is pretty mind blowing as well. The Father is SO good, words can’t ever be enough to describe it. Enjoy this beautiful, touching testimony ๐Ÿ™‚

Continue reading Covered by Blessings testimony

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Portal to the Throne Room Banner Flag

PortalToTheThroneRoomIt is not every day I get to have the Dyed4you Community at large minister to me, but that’s just what you all did and I am completely blessed! I have to start by saying I didn’t know what Father was up to when this started, but it is not unusual for Him to get sneaky and give me a birthday gift (some of you may remember the one He birthed in a dream that got finished literally on my birthday). Continue reading Portal to the Throne Room Banner Flag

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Pastor Jim with Faithful banner flag

PastorJim_FaithfulThese videos are from a live worship service at Passion for Truth, Pastor Jim had been prompted by the Father to grab the rainbow banner flag – he actually shared a bit about his exchange with the Father for the congregation. Without knowing the name of the silk, Father was reminding him of His promises and how He is faithful to fulfill His word. Little did he know the name of the flag he was holding was Faithful ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading Pastor Jim with Faithful banner flag

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Sukkot Flag Class

For the last 2 years, I’ve gotten the privilege of doing a class on flags during our time at Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).ย  This year I managed to sneak a little video of folks using the flags after I’d demo’d them and talked about them and another friend got some pictures as well.ย  Thought you all would enjoy! Continue reading Sukkot Flag Class

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How-To Pick Which Flag is Best for You

I’ve been wanting to create a Flag Comparison page for a long while to make it easier for you to know which flag is right for YOU ๐Ÿ™‚ย  This video compares 8 flagging products (listed below). Continue reading How-To Pick Which Flag is Best for You

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PFT Worship

Can I start by saying I love my church? This is a clip from a typical evening of worship on Shabbat (Sabbath) at Passion for Truth Fellowship (which streams live every Saturday at 5pm CST).

We are so blessed to have a group of people who truly love to press in during worship – so in this clip you will see men, women and children dancing, using flags, and moving as one with the billow. Continue reading PFT Worship

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Passion Fire flag

This is my hubby using my Passion Fire flag during worship at our church (Passion for Truth – for those who may remember we used to be somewhere else, here’s a little more about that change if you’re interested). I have a longer clip coming soon from our worship – I admit, I’m loving all the Dyed4you silk ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading Passion Fire flag