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Prophesied Rainbow

A handled regular bendie wing (5mm aka “light” weight silk) called Faithful

Another Rainbow Confirmation! This silk was ordered blank with instructions to do whatever God said. We were led to create a silk called Faithful, which happens to be a rainbow. Here’s the beautiful testimony. Continue reading Prophesied Rainbow

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Waves of Increase LWH quill

WavesOfIncreaseLWThis is one of the first quill wings I had the pleasure of flagging with when I became part of Dyed4you. It has been quite an experience ever since. You might have seen AJ in a video earlier this year flagging with one of these beauties and other styles during a worship performance dance. I personally love the feel of the wing as it flows around your face and almost kisses you lightly as you worship with it. It wraps around ever so gently as you dance for the Father with it 🙂 Continue reading Waves of Increase LWH quill

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Ruffled, Rounded Swing Flag

RuffledSwingLove this newest Dyed4you inspiration! This is a ruffled, rounded swing flag (this particular one is dyed in the Glory style). This is a special order item at present. It basically is a rounded swing flag with insets sewn in to give a beautiful ruffle that adds a flutter in motion. Love this! Continue reading Ruffled, Rounded Swing Flag

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Comparing Quill to Dowel in LWH

ComparingDowel2QuillLWHWe’ve posted a demo comparing dowel wings to quill wings in the XL size (5mm weight), and today we’re doing the same for the large wing size in the 8mm (i.e. LWH) – though this is a standard size for our quills, the dowel LWH is a special order item.  Both these wings have the serged edges rather than the hand-rolled, hand-sewn. This is a great size wing whether in dowel or quill! Continue reading Comparing Quill to Dowel in LWH

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AJ with L Quill Wings

AJ-LwingsYou all with enjoy these anointed videos someone nabbed with their phone of our friend AJ during worship!  He’s using a LW quill called Under His Wings and a LWH quill called Waves of Increase. If you haven’t gotten to enjoy any of AJ’s worship before here he is with swing flags and here he is with a variety of worship tools. Also you won’t want to miss his scarf story about breakthrough among the youth! Continue reading AJ with L Quill Wings

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Nickol’s Flag Bag

NickolFlagBagOh my heavens – apparently our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners packs a LOT more flags in her bag than I do in mine!  In response to my flag bag post where I encouraged others to share what was in their bag, Nickol has opened her bag to us – she has silks obviously from Prophetic Worship Banners as well as Dyed4you and Unhindered & Unashamed. Additionally she has some from Standard of the Lord. You’ll enjoy seeing this phenomenal arsenal! Continue reading Nickol’s Flag Bag

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Meghan’s Flag Bag

FlagBagAs promised to my friends on our Facebook page, here is a video where I show you what I have in my portable arsenal – aka my flag bag!  Swing flags in all three sizes, streamers, streamer veils, and quills gallore – most from Dyed4you, but also a couple from sister ministries Prophetic Worship Banners and Unhindered & Unashamed. I’m hoping some of YOU will reciprocate and show us what is in YOUR flag bag too! Continue reading Meghan’s Flag Bag

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Quill vs. Dowel Wing Comparison

WingComparisonWe get emails asking about the difference between quill wings  and dowel wings (which are semicircles with a wing seam added), and how they flow different from each other so we thought it might be time to put up a quick blog about it that will hopefully help answer some of those questions. Also if you are not sure about which quill is for you, than you can click here and see more comparison 🙂 Continue reading Quill vs. Dowel Wing Comparison

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Under His Wings LW Quill

Larisa-LW-UnderHisWingsIn these videos, you’ll see me using my LW (large wing) quill called Under His Wings (which is one of our popular styles) and my very favorite flag! We’ve seen this style before – Meghan has it in a dowel wing, we’ve seen it as an 8mm semicircle voi,  and it even appeared as one of the demo silks in our Basic Moves for Dancing with Scarves. The videos below were taken during a live service at Passion for Truth (PFT). You will also see some Dyed4you swing flags in the background as well a Prophetic Worship Banner quill and streamers from both ministries 🙂 Continue reading Under His Wings LW Quill

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On the Sea of Galilee

GGonGalileeA couple weeks ago, Amber shared an awesome story about her trip to Israel including some video of her flagging on the Sea of Galilee.  In the story we got to see some pictures of this friend using the MW (medium wing) quills called Revelation from the Throne, but today we get to see video! Continue reading On the Sea of Galilee

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Whole Heart LWH (Dowel)

WholeHeartDowelLWThis is a special order large dowel wing (8mm weight) in the Whole Heart style which you’ve seen before in swing flags. This was the first time I’d created a LW in the dowel variety (usually they’re quills). I’m using a 36″ dowel, which is shorter than the length the quill typically is, but it worked great and looks beautiful!

Continue reading Whole Heart LWH (Dowel)

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Passion Fire MW Quills


A stunning pair of Passion Fire MW (medium wing) quills.  You’ve seen this style before (it’s one Father gave me in a dream) in a 35×84 simple flag, regular swing flags,  a banner flag, a wing/voi combo, and as a streamer! Though these videos have no sound, they show how beautifully the silks move – so turn on your own worship music and enjoy 😉 Continue reading Passion Fire MW Quills

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Introducing LW & LWH Quills

Introducing-LW-LWHYou’ve seen some posts including videos of the LW & LWH quills – including ones comparing their size to the XL quills and the MW quills – but we are finally officially introducing them to our product line! These flags are glorious in motion – full and beautiful – I think you’ll enjoy 🙂 Continue reading Introducing LW & LWH Quills