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Ministry for Women Who’ve Miscarried or Lost Children

I’m sharing this video both as Dyed4you wanting you to see one of our 4yd streamers (called Diadema Eleos or Crowned with Mercy) from Dyed4you Readymade in action AND as a recipient of the ministry these beautiful ladies were giving. Continue reading Ministry for Women Who’ve Miscarried or Lost Children

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Rich in Heart Meanings

It is always fun when a new person find our ministry. We get to go through the awe and excitement all over again as they receive their first silks and are moved by how God speaks to them through it. I don’t think we will EVER get tired of it! And this instance is no exception – her joy and exuberance is contagious ๐Ÿ™‚ She is a retiring art teacher – so she is being blessed by the craftsmanship from that perspective as well. Continue reading Rich in Heart Meanings

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Breakthrough in Worship (Scarfless Scarf Story)

20140328-034510.jpgIt always blesses me to hear of the times people are blessed simply by online contact with our ministry. Yes, we sell product, but more importantly our desire is to help people breakthrough in new levels of intimacy with the Lord whether that be in worship, prayer, etc. Though I know it happens, it grieves me to hear when the church is responsible for shutting people down. Continue reading Breakthrough in Worship (Scarfless Scarf Story)

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Giveaway Quills

EveryCaptiveFreeMRThis week when someone in the D4Y Community placed an order, they purchased a pair of MR quill flags (named Every Captive Free) and asked me to use them as a giveaway! Father had me have this individual numerically pick one of the existing comments to choose who should get them. A comment back in 2012 was the winner (it happens to be one of Dyed4you’s prayer team members, Linette) and the flags are shipping today – so excited to hear the rest of this testimony as it unfolds!

Continue reading Giveaway Quills

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Faithful in Cambodia

Faithful-Cambodia-AndreaOh how I love seeing Dyed4you silk on the missions field!!!ย  You’ve seen this pair of rainbow swing flags before (see the post here), they’re called Faithful. You will also see a BUNCH of synthetic swing flags Andrea (whose flag ministry I’ve mentioned before) made to bring along with her on this trip (which I believe she intends to bless the people with). Continue reading Faithful in Cambodia

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Dancing at the King’s Feet

Heather-SealedYou all may remember the last time we were blessed to see this silk recipient dance (if you missed it, you can see it here) – so lovely to watch! I love how each of us is anointed to worship in a unique way.ย  This time she is ministering with a 35×84 silk named Sealed (which is the same style – though in a different pattern – as the one used in Swept Away), but first here’s her testimony: Continue reading Dancing at the King’s Feet

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Happily Distracted by Silk

A quick video snippet from this weekend at church.ย  My little buddy (who you’ve seen before) had an allergic reaction to something someone had fed him. After we prayed and had done all we could do, we simply had to wait. And nothing keeps my buddy Isaiah happier than some silk ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading Happily Distracted by Silk

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Song Confirming Word

The worship leader at my church had ordered herself a new silk, which I brought to her last night.ย  It’s name is Walking in the Promises and part of the scarf letter included the lyrics to Chris Tomlin’s Our God.ย  As she read the letter (which she was DEEPLY touched by) she asked me if I’d seen the set list she’d put together for this week.ย  I told her I hadn’t and she informed me that Our God was the first song we were doing!ย  Talk about confirmation ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading Song Confirming Word

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Vacation with Jesus

A group of friends took a vacation with Jesus to celebrate one of their birthdays.ย  The birthday girl brought her XL quills (45″) – which were a gift to her earlier this year – and day and night, everywhere they went – they had constant spontaneous worship. At one point they were driving and suddenly “Spirit was so strong in the car…We had to stop for a praise break!!!” Continue reading Vacation with Jesus

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Staking Their City

This is a fun story about a prayer journey a group of kids went on equipped with a single M (35″ petite) quill for each of them!ย  We hear the story shared by one of the parents (and a quick not from her son) and the gift giver (and youth leader).ย  Lots of pictures to enjoy – you can feel the Father smiling at His children! Continue reading Staking Their City

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Worship Symposium

Our friend Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners (who quills our quill flags) went to a Worship Symposium (in Pasadena, CA) last month and brought some Dyed4you quills with her – you can spot several in the group video of the balcony! She said there was a POWERFUL presence of the Lord on the night the video below was shot. Continue reading Worship Symposium

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Music in the Park

Great picture of some students with a couple pairs of Dyed4you M (35″ Petite) quills and a pair of streamers that were not from Dyed4you.ย  You heard the teacher’s testimony of her Bold Passion quills, now you get to hear about them in use with the kids ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading Music in the Park

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Quill from Dream Manifested

This is a beautiful story about a pair of 35″ (L) quills, a 30×30 silk and a bottle of Restoration oil from the Scent of Heaven.ย  What’s fun about this story is that when she ordered I didn’t know they all were for her – she also ordered another silk and oil as a gift, and so I thought BOTH silk/oil combos were gifts!ย  When I went to package the order to ship it and finally noticed that the quills were named Flourishing Hope and the 30×30 silk was named Hope I thought to myself, “I can’t send her two things with the name so similar!!!”ย  In the end, I sent what Father had told me to (of course) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading Quill from Dream Manifested

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Romancing and Building Up

You’ve heard fun scarf stories from this precious woman before, and this is another awesome example of how the Father ministered to her through Dyed4you silk… this time two pairs of 35″ petite quills, which you saw me demo a few weeks back. ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading Romancing and Building Up

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Growing Understanding of His Word to Her

This is a neat story that has developed over a period of a year about a silk called Redeemed.ย  What I share below is her testimony from April 2011 followed by the one she sent today.ย  Awesome how Father works and I love that this embodies how Dyed4you silks are intended to keep speaking to you as you continue to dig into what Father is sharing through them! Continue reading Growing Understanding of His Word to Her

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God’s Amazing Timing

All scarf stories are fun for me, but it never ceases to amaze me how He works through the Dyed4you Blog Giveaways. This was one of the first giveaways where He told me to find the winner among the previous comments – which makes it extra fun because anytime someone leaves a comment it means they could win at some random future point too! Continue reading God’s Amazing Timing