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Receiving a New Mantle (and passing an old)

We never grow tired of testimonies – especially when there’s so much confirmation in them! This awesome scarf story is about a custom charmeuse tallit called Avinu (Our Father). The word expands on the Lord’s prayer in a beautiful way.  Continue reading Receiving a New Mantle (and passing an old)

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Exactly What She Needed

What I love most about the story of this oversized tallit (aside from the simple fact that she was blessed by her silk, which of course we love knowing), is about how it demonstrates how we receive in layers. She felt like she’d received it and was blessed at one level, then God spoke to her through Larisa’s live broadcast on the Dyed4you Facebook page, and then she received it at a new level.  Continue reading Exactly What She Needed

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Profound Ministry

This story is about a crinkle silk that was a gift to a woman I’d never met. That may sound odd, but if you knew my dad you would understand (BTW that’s my dad and me – please note his Dyed4you pocket square πŸ™‚ I love my Daddy! His pocket square is called My Path and my narrow infinity scarf is called Unimpeachable Promises). He’s a connector. He meets people and has these extraordinary connections with them – divine meetings – I get it because my sister and I tend to have them too. πŸ™‚ Continue reading Profound Ministry

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Dancing at the King’s Feet

Heather-SealedYou all may remember the last time we were blessed to see this silk recipient dance (if you missed it, you can see it here) – so lovely to watch! I love how each of us is anointed to worship in a unique way.Β  This time she is ministering with a 35×84 silk named Sealed (which is the same style – though in a different pattern – as the one used in Swept Away), but first here’s her testimony: Continue reading Dancing at the King’s Feet

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Dyed4you Canopy

Some of you may remember about 15 months ago the Father had me get rid of my canopy. At the time He let me replace it with a beautiful Dyed4you Art River of Life display including the matching silk. Continue reading Dyed4you Canopy

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Romancing and Building Up

You’ve heard fun scarf stories from this precious woman before, and this is another awesome example of how the Father ministered to her through Dyed4you silk… this time two pairs of 35″ petite quills, which you saw me demo a few weeks back. πŸ™‚ Continue reading Romancing and Building Up

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Growing Understanding of His Word to Her

This is a neat story that has developed over a period of a year about a silk called Redeemed.Β  What I share below is her testimony from April 2011 followed by the one she sent today.Β  Awesome how Father works and I love that this embodies how Dyed4you silks are intended to keep speaking to you as you continue to dig into what Father is sharing through them! Continue reading Growing Understanding of His Word to Her

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Revealing the Word

It’s fun to see with the silks how the Lord speaks through them over time. This is a great example of one that increased in personal meaning over time as the Lord revealed the fullness of His message to this individual. And who knows but that He is also prophesying over her about a future time when she will be better versed πŸ˜‰ Continue reading Revealing the Word

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Perfect Gift for Mom

A sweet testimony about a gift a daughter got for her mom – it was a Dyed4you Art printcard of Wait Upon the Lord, a coordinating 14×72 scarf complete with gift bag, and the Scent of Heaven Wait Upon the Lord oil.

Today my mom unwrapped her anointed scarf!! Since we got it early in the mail – it has been a major temptation for us not to look at it, but we resisted and waited for her to open it today. What a dynamic word for her and for our family as a whole. Continue reading Perfect Gift for Mom

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Friend(s) of God

One of my dear friends, Sheila (who happens to be a prophetic intercessor and one of the future contributors to this blog), came to me and said, “I think Kent needs a scarf.”

Kent Henry has been doing worship for almost as long as I’ve been alive.Β  He’s led worship on six of Integrity Music’s Hosanna! recordings as well as 22 of his own.Β  He and his wife Carla are friends of ours, elders at our church, and their daughter happens to be married to our lead pastor πŸ™‚ Continue reading Friend(s) of God