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More Fun Exchanging of Silks

Wanted to share this FB live video from my friend Katt of Victory Hill Flags and Banner for a variety of reasons. The first reason, is that she talks about an increase in creativity (yay for hubby prayers), but that also was exactly what the first silks I sent her were about! So I’m thanking God for answered prayer. 🙂  Continue reading More Fun Exchanging of Silks

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Very Sweet Personal Kiss from God

It’s always a joy to get to hear how people are blessed by their Dyed4you silks! This woman was gifted a large swing wing called Forthright Flames and it brought encouragement and confirmation, and God timed its arrival perfectly. He’s so good 🙂 Continue reading Very Sweet Personal Kiss from God

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Mind blowing L quill flags “Suddenlies” testimony

SuddenliesHere’s an amazing testimony from one of the sweetest and strongest woman I’ve had the honor to talk to. One of her spiritual sons’ gifted her a pair of Large quill flags in the style of Suddenlies and I was crying like a baby when she shared what those flags meant for her and her situation. Continue reading Mind blowing L quill flags “Suddenlies” testimony

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Shroud… a beautiful testimony!

It has been long overdue for a blog and there couldn’t be a better way to start of the new year then with a beautiful testimony by one of my very favorite people!!!! She has received a Talitt in the style Shroud. I love how Abba speaks to us in every circumstance… Enjoy it as she shares 🙂 Continue reading Shroud… a beautiful testimony!

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Wall Builder

This was a gift purchased by a ministry leader for one of the ministries intercessors… the first intercessor.  She got a 22×72 tassel tallit complete with Hebrew lettering as well as a copy of a yet-unreleased piece of Dyed4you Art called Frontline Warriors (which you’ve heard mentioned before and can see below). Continue reading Wall Builder

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Beyond Expectations Giveaway Gift

Here’s a story from our recent giveaway winner – who won not just a 5mm semicircle, but a Dyed4you Art Dance With Me printcard too for her comments on both the Dyed4you Blog and the Dyed4you Art one 🙂 Continue reading Beyond Expectations Giveaway Gift

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God Answering Her Questions

Recently, I had someone order a scarf for someone who is Russian and speaks no English. I have a Facebook friend who is Russian – someone I had never met before, but was acquainted with through mutual friends because she is part of our online church family – and so I contacted her and asked if she would translate for me, which she was happy to do. As a thank you, Father instructed me to send her a silk of her own 🙂

Continue reading God Answering Her Questions

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Awesome Story from Comment #625 (Matt 6:25)

I smiled when I saw Kiara’s sweet comment come in, knowing it was #625 – the next D4Y Blog Giveaway number 🙂 I posted on Facebook that she’d won and then later realized I hadn’t mentioned why 625 had been picked so I added:

By the way, 625 was picked because of Matthew 6:25, “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?” Continue reading Awesome Story from Comment #625 (Matt 6:25)

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Abiding Joy

Another Dyed4you Blog giveaway scarf story 🙂

So my story starts here. I got on facebook and was just looking through my news feed and decided to comment on a dyed4you posting. I then got offline. I was sitting on my couch looking at my bible and the book I had in my hand when I heard God tell me it was ok to read a chapter and then come spend time with him. Continue reading Abiding Joy

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My Beloved

A friend from church asked me to make a scarf for a woman who is a friend of ours at church. The only input she’d given was that she looked good in teal, burnt orange, and rust.

The day I went to make the scarf, I plopped down on my couch, picked up my Bible and asked the Lord what He wanted to say to this woman. Continue reading My Beloved