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Here Comes the Bride

As I was making a silk last night for a bride and groom getting married this coming Friday, I couldn’t help but remember another couple whose story and picture I hadn’t shared yet.

This bride and groom received matching silks on their wedding day called Whole Heart.  Only the Father could orchestrate such a perfect match! You can’t see the groom’s too well in this picture, but it was tucked in the breast pocket of his jacket. They looked wonderful! Continue reading Here Comes the Bride

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Preparing for the Bridegroom Giveaway

It’s always fun for me to hear scarf stories on the scarves that are Dyed4you Blog Giveaways!  I love knowing the Father is NOT random. He knows exactly who it’s going to go to even when we don’t! Continue reading Preparing for the Bridegroom Giveaway

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Custom Beaded Bridal Veil

It’s rare for me to receive a request for something that is not dyed. So I was surprised and intrigued when I received a request for a custom beaded veil that would be white (like a bride) and have a second tier of silk to be able to bring over the face. It was needed for a dance. Continue reading Custom Beaded Bridal Veil

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Covered by His Feathers

One day I got an email from our contact page from a former YWAM (Youth with a mission) missionary:

The Lord led me to your website yesterday in quite an amazing way. He has led me to begin dancing before Him with scarves in the privacy of my home during my intimate times with Him. Continue reading Covered by His Feathers