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Spot On Word

Testimonies are always encouraging, but this one comes from a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and out of the blue Papa God told me to gift her a crinkle silk (technically two – one was for her to gift so I don’t know the testimony on that yet). This blessed me greatly and I hope it will you too – such a good reminder to hear and obey! And that gifting silk is a fun thing to do 😉 Continue reading Spot On Word

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About Crinkle Silks and Infinity Scarves

Since the scarves we carry on Dyed4you Readymade are a bit different than our classic Dyed4you offerings, I just wanted to take a moment to explain what our Crinkle Silks and Infinity Scarves are and show you some examples.  Continue reading About Crinkle Silks and Infinity Scarves

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Profound Ministry

This story is about a crinkle silk that was a gift to a woman I’d never met. That may sound odd, but if you knew my dad you would understand (BTW that’s my dad and me – please note his Dyed4you pocket square 🙂 I love my Daddy! His pocket square is called My Path and my narrow infinity scarf is called Unimpeachable Promises). He’s a connector. He meets people and has these extraordinary connections with them – divine meetings – I get it because my sister and I tend to have them too. 🙂 Continue reading Profound Ministry

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Encouragement in Perfect Timing

Our first feedback for our new Dyed4you Readymade Etsy store! I love how God is using these silks and their words through this new venue. We just believe He will draw people to the silk with the word He has for them – like the woman below 🙂 Continue reading Encouragement in Perfect Timing

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How-to Keep a Crinkle Silk Crinkly

crinkle silk knotOur fun Crinkle Silks from our Dyed4you Readymade store are easy to store and keep crinkly when you keep them in the same style pretzel/knot that they arrive in. So we created this quick how-to so you could see how to do it! If you have any questions, as always let us know 🙂  Continue reading How-to Keep a Crinkle Silk Crinkly

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Confirmation of Dream

Reflecting His Face crinkle silkA woman received a crinkle silk called Reflecting His Face as a gift, and when she read the word it was a total confirmation for her and she was so blessed by it. You see a day or two earlier she’d had a dream about being in the fire – and there were details Father shared with her – and the letter that came with her silk was about His refining fire and brought confirmation and encouragement during this trying time for her. God is so awesome!  Continue reading Confirmation of Dream