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Speak Life Silk

This medium scarf (14×72) was purchased as a gift for someone in ministry as a thank you for a word that had been a profound blessing. The minister happened to receive it on Feast of Tabernacles and she put it on the podium during the service at Miracle City Global. Here’s more of what she shared with the woman who sent her the gift (and there’s a brief video of her with it during the livestream from the service below):

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Wings during Passover

Two beautiful pairs of large bendie wings (5mm aka “light” weight silk) called Batach YHWH (Trust the Lord) in use during a Passover Seder. When the pastor received the flags his response was that “Flags are everything I wanted them to be and more – truly breathtaking” 🙂  Continue reading Wings during Passover

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Alabaster testimony

AlabasterThis is one of the most touching testimonies I’ve read and I couldn’t stop the tears… I was wondering while reading it, how many have had such traumatic childhoods?! For anyone to be healed and restored from such nightmares can only be by the hand of our Heavenly Father. This special Lady has ordered a few different scarves in various styles for herself and others that she blessed them with but this testimony was her very first with us. No matter what the circumstances, let this touching testimony minister to you and encourage you that Abba is in control of it ALL! Continue reading Alabaster testimony

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Allissa Ministering with YHVH Rohi (the Lord my Shepherd)

Allissa-Rohi-PFTThis was a beautiful moment of worship during the Yom Kippur (Feast of Atonement) services – so much healing happening!  Allissa is ministering with a pair of XL quill flags called YHVH Rohi (the Lord my Shepherd), which you’ve seen before in M quills as a demo, in XL quills, in a dowel wing by both Tami and Amanda, as a silk, as a streamer, and one with a face in it… it is a fav! Continue reading Allissa Ministering with YHVH Rohi (the Lord my Shepherd)

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PFT Shavuot (Pentecost) Conference

Shavuot-PFTA couple days after our time at Beit Tikkun (which you saw the clip from), we had a conference at my home church honoring the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost). These are a couple clips from our services – what’s especially fun for me is a couple of the people in one of the videos are visitor from out of town – one in particular is an avid follower (and commenter) on this blog! In the videos you’ll see quills and swing flags and more.

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Melek Kabowd on Shavuot

Shavuot-BeitTikkunA quick snippet during a Shavuot (Pentecost) service at our friend’s church, Beit Tikkun (House of Healing). You’ve seen my hubby with these special order pair of 8mm weight 45″ quill flags called Melek Kabowd (Hebrew for King of Glory) before. Loved this glimpse into the awesome 3D worship we were engaged in!

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Every Captive Free Swing Flags

Totra-EveryCaptiveFreeThis video compilation is from Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) last fall. You actually got to see a glimpse of these flags in action in the Sukkot Flag Class post. These are a pair of regular swing flags called Every Captive Free (which you’ve seen before as a streamer). This is actually the dad of our 2 yr old friend with the streamer 😉

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Sukkot Flag Class

For the last 2 years, I’ve gotten the privilege of doing a class on flags during our time at Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).  This year I managed to sneak a little video of folks using the flags after I’d demo’d them and talked about them and another friend got some pictures as well.  Thought you all would enjoy! Continue reading Sukkot Flag Class

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Fall Feasts’ Sabbath Days

Hard to believe the Fall Feasts are upon us! You may remember I gave you FYIs in the spring for the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Pentecost (Feast of Weeks) and it suddenly occurred to me that in addition to the normal weekly sabbath I have 4 high sabbaths coming up that I needed to make you guys aware of not to mention that I will be largely on vacation (yay!) for most of Feast of Tabernacles, so I want to help you plan accordingly 🙂 Continue reading Fall Feasts’ Sabbath Days

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Shavuot Services at PFT

In honor of Shavuot (Pentecost), my church (Passion for Truth) had a Shabbat meal and worship service on Friday followed by our normal weekly service Saturday that was focused on celebrating the last spring feast. I confess it made my heart smile to see how many Dyed4you silks were being WORN in addition to be used in worship! Continue reading Shavuot Services at PFT