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Quills, Streamers, Swing Flags, & Voi… Oh My!

AJ-RighteousWarFareThis is a long but very deep time of worship with 4 different types of worship elements (XL quills, 4yd streamer, regular swing flags, and 35×84 voi). You’ve seen these styles (or ones like them) before in Mantle of Elijah, Righteous Warfare, Prophetic Glory and You are My Hallelujah. Continue reading Quills, Streamers, Swing Flags, & Voi… Oh My!

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Righteous Warfare

Ready for a visual feast? How about the new Righteous Warfare style in a pair of regular and large swing flags, LFH (large flame-edged 8mm weight) quills (which are special order),  a pair of 4yd streamers and a pair of 35×84 voi! Love this style in each of these worship tools 🙂 Continue reading Righteous Warfare

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Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

You all may remember seeing AJ before with his swing flags (1st video, 2nd video), which also make a brief appearance in this video… but mostly this video is His pair of 35×84 voi called Prophetic Glory. He also takes the silk off and uses it as a wing as well as dancing with it – all beautiful! Continue reading Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

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Staking Their City

This is a fun story about a prayer journey a group of kids went on equipped with a single M (35″ petite) quill for each of them!  We hear the story shared by one of the parents (and a quick not from her son) and the gift giver (and youth leader).  Lots of pictures to enjoy – you can feel the Father smiling at His children! Continue reading Staking Their City

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International Flag Worship Day

Fun hearing the reports back from July 12th’s International Flag Worship Day!  I got one email from someone who drove around Rosamond, CA with two big purple flags hanging out her window followed by worship in her front yard 🙂 Continue reading International Flag Worship Day

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Dwelling in His Beauty Voi

You’ve seen this beautiful Dwelling in His Beauty style in swing flags by both Allissa and myself, as a scarf, and as a wing (and tomorrow you’ll see it as a beaded veil… but I digress) 😉

These are 35×84 with a pair of voi weights. No matter what I’m making in this style, I always seem to love it! Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading Dwelling in His Beauty Voi

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Bold Passion Streamer Poi

This is another pair of the special order Streamer Poi. These come in pairs and in price they run about the same as a pair of voi weights and two 35×84 silks (a standard voi set). For those who like bloopers, I intentionally left it unedited so you can see me hit myself 3 times – you can see I don’t flinch at all because they didn’t hurt 🙂  Continue reading Bold Passion Streamer Poi

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Streamer Poi (Voi)

Most of the time when I come up with a new product it’s one of YOU who thinks of it and I just design it. These special order streamer poi are no exception!

They’re similar to our voi, but the silks are long and narrow like a streamer. The weights are lighter than voi which makes them light and easy to use (and also less of a problem when they hit you! LOL). Continue reading Streamer Poi (Voi)

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Pressing in with Space to do it

Anyone who flags knows nothing is quite so lovely as wide open spaces where you can let loose without any concerns about whacking someone (or something)!  You’ve seen Shannon with her Gaze Upon His Face voi before, and she shared her scarf story earlier too. In this video, she is just worshiping her heart out with space to do so 🙂 Continue reading Pressing in with Space to do it

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Another Pair of Already Paid Voi

You may be wondering why I’m posting another video of a 35×84 voi pair called Already Paid.  The first video had the weights on the orange side which made the blue dominant when spinning. This one has blue weights so you’ll notice the orange is more dominant. I just thought it was fun for you to see how much of a difference it makes 🙂 Continue reading Another Pair of Already Paid Voi