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Comfort in a Pruning Season

IMG_9049This is a fun scarf story (with pics and video) of a silk that went to Larisa! It is a 35×108 silk (she wears it all the time and the video below is her using it as a L streamer veil). Below she shares the story of her Cherished One silk in her own words: Continue reading Comfort in a Pruning Season

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Birthing with her Birthing Silk

This is a short scarf story that was shared with me that I wanted to pass along to you all about a 5mm semicircle Birthing {babies} silk 🙂

A pregnant woman came to me and wanted to order a scarf to have with her during the birth of her daughter.  Immediately, the Father brought to mind the Birthing {babies} silk. I second guessed Him at first because I’d always thought of it as being for people wanting to conceive and she was very much already with child! He reminded me ALL children are miracles from Him and so I obeyed. Continue reading Birthing with her Birthing Silk

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R3 Recovery Ranch Confirmation

I wanted to share this story because in a little bit I’ll be posting a video of me ministering with swing flags in this Isaiah 54 style. 🙂

This scarf story is from a woman who was given an Isaiah 54 silk as a gift from several friends.  I’ll let you hear it from her: Continue reading R3 Recovery Ranch Confirmation

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Word on Receiving

This is a video clip from the live streaming at my church, Passion for Truth. You’ll see a number of D4Y silks in this, most notably on Cheryl (my pastor’s wife) one of our worship leaders. In this clip (about 2:22 in), she shares a good word on receiving – I thought you’d be blessed by – I know I was! Continue reading Word on Receiving

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Serving the Enemy Notice

One of our customers heading to church wearing her scarf called Redeemed and ready to…

…serve notice to the enemy that I am the Redeemed and Beloved daughter of God and that he has no right in my life or the life of my husband! This scarf reminds me daily of who I really am and that I have all the help I need to fight for my husband until every cell of cancer is gone from his body! Continue reading Serving the Enemy Notice

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He is our Shepherd

You’ve seen Tami’s Jehovah Rohi altered wing in action twice before – once when Amanda E demo’d it after it was made and once by Tami’s granddaughter. But now you get to see Tami using it (YouTube edited out the audio – sorry!) and she even uses both her wings (Jehovah Rohi and Steadfast Faith) at the end!  Plus you get to hear her story 🙂 Continue reading He is our Shepherd

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Why I continue to Dance with Flags

This is part 2 of April’s “why flag” post – it’s some New Testament verses 🙂

Why I continue to dance with flags before the Lord:

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Our 1st Blog Giveaway Scarf Testimony

Though I know the first two scarf giveaways were blessings, this is the first official scarf story from a Dyed4you Blog giveaway scarf, which I must confess is kind of exciting for me 🙂  It went to Amanda E who posted the 222 comment on the blog.

I’d picked the number 222 because 2’s have become a way God speaks to me about authority because of Isaiah 22:22, “And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David. He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.” Continue reading Our 1st Blog Giveaway Scarf Testimony

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Prophesying… to herself?

So a few weeks back I was celebrating a friend’s birthday with several other friends.  I knew I was going to be dyeing when I got home and as things began to draw to a close God told me to invite her to join me, which she did (if you understood where I lived in relation to her you’d understand that it was a big deal she said yes! LOL) Continue reading Prophesying… to herself?

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Revisiting What God’s Said

Yesterday I wrote a blog on believing the earthly things God tells you. Then I received this note from a long-time D4Y customer.  She attends a church where each woman has been given a scarf (and as new women join, they are given one).  I thought what their pastor shared was a great reminder, so I wanted to pass it along 🙂 Continue reading Revisiting What God’s Said